To prepare you properly for the arrival of the long-awaited iPhone 7, we decided to give you something to be patient. You may believe that you know everything about your iPhone, you probably put your finger in your eye. In fact, here are 10 features that you totally ignored, but that could make your life a lot easier. You should take notes because these tricks do exist on your best portable friend.

1) It can charge 2x faster
Well, maybe you already knew the number, but maybe not. You are in a hurry and you want to charge your cellphone in a record speed? No problem! Click on your airplane mode and the tour will be played!
2) You can take a picture without touching the screen
The volume buttons are not only useful for listening to your rap. You just have to point the camera of your iPhone wherever you want and press the volume button. Your blonde is going to hover over that, it’s guaranteed.

3) It can prevent your blonde from chiller
The ultimate way to prevent your iPhone from the chill in the evening: decrease the brightness of your cellular screen. Go into your settings, displays, and brightness and then you can select exactly a perfect lighting. It will allow your blonde to sleep on your shoulder while allowing you to cum on your cell until 2 in the morning.
4) It serves you level
If you were ordered to install a tablet in the living room and you do not have your level? No problem, because your iPhone can do it for you. Go into your compass section, swipe to the right, roll the little ball all around the point and just drop your cell over the area you want to put right. Nothing will ever be crooked at home again.
5) It can tell you when a message has been sent

Few people know this stuff, but it is nevertheless very simple. You just have to keep your finger on your text message and slide it gently. You will see, to the right will appear the exact time you received or sent a message.
6) This can complete a URL for you
You’re in a hurry and you want to find something quickly? After entering example, you can press .com and you will see other options appear (.org, .edu, etc.)
7) You can make your Gothic photos if you want

If you like the old look of the photos and the negatives (black, gray), you can go to the section settings, general, accessibility and check the option invert the colors.
8) Can read in your place
Goes into settings, general, accessibility and activates the speech option. The tour will be played!
9) You can delete a message easily
When you’ve written something, but you’re not sure if you want to send it. You can “shaker” your cell phone and it will open the menu cancel the input and you say yes or no, simply.
10) You can send text messages from your home screen
You have to keep your window of notifications open on your message and the turn will be played.

TIP: All iPhone Users Make This Mistake When They Delete Photos From Their Phone

If you are the lucky owner of an iPhone, maybe you sometimes have to delete pictures from your device, especially if you have a 16 or 32 GB model. The hard drive of these models ¨les fills in time to say it! However, are you sure you are doing it right?

Most people, when they want to remove photos from their iPhone, select the photos and press the small trash. However, these photos are not completely removed from the phone, at least, not immediately. Indeed, deleted photos remain in the camera for 29 days, before disappearing forever. But where did the deleted photos go? They are located in a folder called “Recently Removed Photos” or something similar. The name varies depending on the versions of the iOS.

This folder exists in case you accidentally delete a very important photo … for example, a photo of your new flame. To open the folder of photos waiting for deletion, you must go to your photo album and find the corresponding folder.

iCloud or another cloud service. Beware, however, of your mobile data plan, because downloading dozens of photos in iCloud can blow up your bill. Better to wait to be connected to a Wi-Fi network to do so.
So, did you know that your iPhone could do all that?