Do you think you know your iPhone by heart? Maybe, too. And maybe you’re right, and by dint of manipulating the craft, the latter no longer has any secrets for you. This is for experts, super geeks. Here is a series of tips and tricks little known on iPhone, whose activation could save you time and enjoyment of use.


  1. Have your voice messages read by SIRI

You are in a car, or you have caught a bad purulent conjunctivitis: SIRI is there to do the job. Launch the application and say by articulating well “Read my mails”. And the list of your last emails appears on the screen, while SIRI reads them aloud. Be careful, it only states the headers, not the contents of the emails.


  1. Block correspondents

If you no longer want to receive calls that harass you regularly, either by phone or by text message, you can block it. To do this, go to Settings> Phone> Blocked numbers, and select the people you want to block. If the person becomes less reluctant and decides to unlock it, return to the blocked list and slide your finger from right to left.


  1. Shake your iPhone to cancel a previous action

Want to delete the text you just entered or cancel changes on a photo? Nothing simpler, shake your device and it’s done.


  1. Formatting text in an email

This one is well hidden. When you’re writing an email, did you know you could apply three formatting changes? To do this, select the piece of text you want to edit, and then in the black bar that appears, click the right arrow. Then appears a small menu with three icons that allow you to choose from Bold, Italic or Underline. We’ll finally read your emails.


  1. Your notes automatically synchronized in Gmail

This is certainly one of unknown features of the iPhone. When you enter something in the note application, a new note, but also when you edit an existing text and provided you have a Google / Gmail account and are logged in, it will go to register and store it in a Gmail “Notes” label that is created automatically.

So if you start writing a long document or you take a few notes on your iPhone, once you get to the office you can open the note in Gmail and retrieve it, for example, to paste it into another document.

Bonus: This allows you to synchronize your notes with all the terminals connected to your Google, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry account included. However, you cannot edit a note from Gmail.



  1. Have all the written contents of your iPhone read vocally

Another unknown feature is the ability to ask your iPhone to read what is written on the screen. To activate this option, go to Settings> Accessibility> Speak Selection. You can also set the playback speed and voice. Then it’s magic: you select any text, email, note, web page, in the black bar that appears, you click the right arrow, then “Pronounce”, and the voice reads you text.


  1. Use the iPhone as a level

You hang a picture on the wall and you want to be sure it is not wobbly? No need to go to Casto, drag your iPhone, launch the Compass application, drag on the second screen and hop you go to the Level application.


  1. Use the volume buttons to take a picture

Do not want to leave your gloves or your fingers dirty? Never mind, you can still make pictures. For that, you will still have to launch the photo application, but then to shoot you just press any one of the two volume buttons (Plus or Minus) and cliché is done.


  1. Focus on brightness / exposure

It is certainly the function that, well used, makes it possible to really make excellent photos with the iPhone, adjusting to the little hair the brightness and exposure (and thus avoiding too strong backlight).

To activate it, simply launch the Camera app, frame a subject, and then move your finger across the screen until the target image displays the optimal exposure. To get more brightness, slide your fingers on a dark part of the photo, to get less overexposure and avoid burnt or too white skies, pass your finger on a clear part. Once the focus is done, shoo!


  1. Lock the focus

During a photo shoot, while you are aiming for a scene, your framing does not stop making the yoyo between too bright and too dark, or blurry and sharp? Hold your finger on the screen for 2 seconds then release. A yellow “AE / AF Lock” label appears at the bottom of the screen. Your focus is locked, you can take the picture.


  1. Taking pictures in burst mode

Did you know? Your iPhone can be almost as swift as a good old reflex when it comes to taking a burst of photos, to make some sort of stop-motion movie for example.

To do this, aim and shoot while leaving your finger pressed on the button of taking photograph. It is shooting at the speed of light. Attention, stop after a while otherwise you risk quickly saturate the precious memory of your iPhone.


  1. See the text time stamp

The stupid and nasty thing: in the list of text messages in a conversation, messages are only sorted by date. The time of each message does not appear by default.

To display the time of each text message, slide your finger from right to left. And yes, the time is hidden on the right. We just need to know, but no one tells us anything.


  1. Have a more detailed view of the agenda

You are in Month view on the iPhone calendar, so you only see a small dot on the days when there is a recorded event. To see the details of the events without having to click on each, just switch from portrait mode to landscape mode, and you see the details appear.


  1. Create shortcuts for common expressions

Do you use a series of phrases that return regularly in your text, emails, or notes? You can create shortcuts in the form of letters or acronyms for each of these expressions.

To do this, go to Settings> General> Keyboard> Shortcuts> Add a shortcut. Here enter the entire expression in the first line and in the second line the abbreviation you want.


  1. Switch to Flight mode to load twice as fast

If you do not need to be networked for a while and want to recharge your iPhone, switch it to airplane mode. Thus you cut off all communications consuming battery, especially the 3G / 4G, and it will recharge twice as fast. Tip valid for all mobiles and tablets, but it seems to me that the difference is more blatant on iPhone.