The iPhone SE, which offers some of the benefits of the 6S but with a smaller screen, is available now. This is the cheapest iPhones if you buy online. But why not go to the side of second-hand appliances?

With each release of a new iPhone, the same question: is it worth it? Is it sufficiently different from the previous ones to justify disbursing such a sum? In one sentence: the iPhone SE is a 6S in the body of a 5s, which allows less stocked purses to afford a neighborhood of Apple the latest.

But this question, which makes the front page of the newspapers, arises only for the fringe of the population who can afford to “slam” this sum within a month. Fanboys/girls aside, the real issue for those who want an Apple phone should be: what is the iPhone that offers the best value for what I’m going to do with it?

When a new iPhone arrives on the market, it is the best time to buy a used one. The prices of the old models of Apple still marketed do not drop, but the one that comes out of the range (this time it is the 5S in 32 GB) sees its price of opportunity to plunge.


Buy an older generation model, a good option

As was seen at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last February, the latest smartphones offer innovations and performance improvements at the margin. And they all look alike. Apart from the operating system, the selection criteria become really slim: the quality of the camera, the shape, the color or the material, the location of the buttons … and above all, above all, the price!

A recent opportunity is often sufficient for the most common needs. The offer is overflowing. And there are ways not to buy blind, opting for phones reconditioned under warranty, which come back a little more expensive than an opportunity on tranquility in addition.

“The most interesting choice is to find high-end models that display the best performance / price ratio,” advises the portal which dedicated a case to the occasion in January. That’s good, Apple’s models are always high-end. They are faster than other brands, but you cannot go too far wrong.

Big blow of old for the iPhone 6


Let’s compare the new iPhone SE with the previous iPhones.

  • iPhone SE vs iPhone 6 new

With the arrival of the OS, the iPhone 6 becomes almost obsolete, the fault to its A8 processor. In 16 GB (160 in 64 GB), there is hardly more than the 4.7 “screen that is more attractive in the iPhone 6. Nine, now this attractive model only if a screen 4 “is too small for you, and you are not planning to offer the last 6S.

Between the high-end Apple and the SE, few significant differences outside the screen size (4.7 “): the 3D Touch interface, slightly higher resolution, and the quality of the device Photo front end are the main comparative advantages of the 6S in 16 and 64 GB. But since the model came out in the fall, there are still few opportunities on the market.

On the other hand, on the occasion, the iPhone 6 is already cheaper than the SE (even on occasion guaranteed), for those who would like to barter performance improved against screen size. It would be a shame to pay the 6 at its new price. And as you save, if you really like big screens why not let yourself be tempted by the 6Plus, For example, on the Bouygues Telecom store, the 64 GB version is at the same price as the SE, guaranteed for 6 months.


The iPhone 5S, a good plan

The arrival of the SE also “killed” the 5S, which is no longer sold in the Apple Store. The main differences between the two models are the processor (two generations of deviation), the camera and the battery life, otherwise, this device is a “Did not take a wrinkle.”

In three months, on the other hand, its odds have lost nearly 150 euros! You can negotiate a 16GB device on eBay at less than 200 euros. At that price, even if you buy a battery (20 to 60 euros, depending on whether you change it alone or you do it), it is a very good value for money. Refurbished and without scratches.

The 5S will cost you, for example, 499Aed for 16 GB at a site offering products refurbished. Are you ready to pay nearly double for a model with the same look but more powerful?



  • IPhone SE vs. iPhone 6 used