In the era of connected objects an object type is all the rage: the smartwatches.Far from the classic watch, those only offer utility to give you the time, the new generation watches are packed with features.The race is on, the question is which will be the most complete applications while keeping the appearance of a real watch.


Smartwatches are considered an accessory or futuristic fashion gadget fashion.In this new market, designers tend to go in all directions.Better to be attentive. Size and screen technology (e-ink, color, round or rectangular), compatibility with different brands, models of smartphones available on the market as well as mobile OS, specifications are not lacking not.

The market for smart watches is still in its infancy, but already has several references.Besides the market leaders, there are also a plethora of alternatives connected watches.Indeed, after the first step taken by Sony with the Sony Smartwatch, many brands are putting it.These new devices offer the ability to deport some or all uses of a smartphone connected to the wrist avoiding the frenetic handling it all the time.


With such a range, it becomes difficult to choose the product that best suits you. That is why we have collected most of the available and upcoming smartwatches in the comparative table. At a glance, so you can compare watches connected to your choice according to the criteria that you have priority: the brand, the elements that the watch and notify the way it does, other features, details on the display and the time display, the need for a phone connection settings and compatibility, battery life, charging method, the water resistance as well.

Brands are racing to come out with models closest smartphone uses.Choosing one becomes a hassle.  Here is the comparison of the watches connected to help you make the right choice before buying!

  1. THE Apple Watch- luxury


Who has not heard of the Apple Watch?There’s a reason: the watch connects Apple beautifully with its users. It remains an innovative object that has not stolen its place in the top of the watches connected most notable.The features offered are particularly interesting, surprisingly, most desired benefit, plus there will pay the price.

2. Tommy Weloop smartwatch


Tommy is the closest thing as you’ll find a Pebble. For starters it is compatible with iOS and Android, although in this case we will focus on the latter. We can synchronize the Weloop with most smartphones on the market today because it uses Bluetooth 4.0 This Weloop Tommy comes in black color. The strap is soft rubber and comes with a 1.26-inch LCD screen (NOT TOUCH).

 3. Moto 360 is a must


After the success of first Moto 360, Motorola retells its experience in watches 360 connected with the second generation Moto. A smartwatch the still barred with a thick black stripe screen (which may put off some), but still of very good quality and is one of the best watches of the time connected. It comes with bezel and silver metal strap, with original accessories and in excellent condition.

4. Pebble time: A complete show!


Pebble is a name little-known in the market for connected watches.Yet they offer us interesting objects such as Time and Time Steel.Under the sign of simplicity, Pebble Time focuses on the essentials, namely the monitoring of the activity and displaying notifications, extending its battery more than three days.Another advantage is the price.

5. LG Watch Urbane: the style


With gold or silver round dial, the LG Watch Urbane looks like a traditional watch.Its physical buttons are convenient and make it a very elegant object.Its price is a little high, but less than a real watch.

What is Connected Watch?

Surely you have been hearing about the Apple Watch, the watch connected Apple.If it does not, here’s how we would describe the smartwatch phenomenon: you take a watch, analog or digital, and you are pairing with your smartphone.So you just have to take a look at your wrist to see an intermediate interface and discrete between you and your phone.No need to leave your phone out of your pocket to see if someone called you or if you have received an email.


  • The smart watches: which allow you to interact with your phone and check your messages directly.
  • Selfwatches: which will be discussed in more detail later, designed to move from smartphone and act like miniature computers.
  • The watches for sport: often with a specialty in a particular sport: surfing special shows, golf, swimming and all kinds of adventure.


Smartwatches: Connected, Notifications, Functionality


Smart watches are connected for you can receive notifications normally reserved for phones: SMS, email, call etc. This is the first function of each smartwatch, which adds the greatest added value by compared to conventional models. Data transmission is done in real time via Bluetooth, provided that the watch remains in direct proximity of the phone. In addition, there is a large amount of reportable items: alarm, calendar reminders, emails, SMS, social networks, call (received or missed), weather, battery level etc.