And if this accessory or option you like so much on your smartphone was soon a relic of the past? Trends are coming and going in the high-tech market. Review of five aspects that are or are in the past.

Technological developments have brought about profound changes both in terms of performance and equipment. Who would have thought of wireless phones 20 years ago? The process which one might almost call creative destruction goes faster and faster and is always more violent. So, not to forget, we have selected five functions of smartphones that one can soon look with a bit of nostalgia.

  1. The physical keyboard

We start with an element that is making a real comeback. While one thought the physical keyboard permanently buried or almost, in recent months, several models have appeared.

For all that, difficult to think that the physical keyboard can actually fit into the duration. The younger ones can easily forget it but at one time, the physical keyboard was alpha and omega. They compared how practical and reactive it was. The advent of the tactile, however, has come to an end. And the trend is to smartphones always finer, which leaves little room for a keyboard.

  1. The removable battery

This is one of the major new trends, removing the removable battery. If it is still possible on many models of 2016, the latest Samsung and LG, for example, sign the end of a certain resistance.

How did we get there? First, we recharge our phone very quickly now. The option of having two batteries is no longer a necessity. In addition, builders are now relying on resistance to water and sand. However, a removable battery leaves gaps that can weaken overall integrity. So it’s almost obvious for both manufacturers and consumers.

  1. The jack

The jack will soon disappear completely. The iPhone 7 soon proved us right. But we could still have thought of an epiphenomenon. Error. This will be in line with current trends and other manufacturers are slowly following the trend.

The problem on the manufacturer side is the same as for the battery. On smartphones always finer, it is a bulky module. But most importantly, the new USB-C standard makes them useless or almost unnecessary. The only problem, for now, is that the USB-C is not yet really universal. Once that is the case, we can really say goodbye to the jacks jack. Disgruntled customers will still be able to fall back on the wireless headphones that are the other alternative.


  1. Trackball and trackpad

It’s not just the physical keyboard that has suffered from the advent of touch on almost any model. Trackballs and trackpads are now a memory of the past. At the time, they were almost indispensable. They stood on our phones to make life easier for us.

Fast and accurate, they replaced advantageously the directional arrows. Moreover, among the first tactile, some still retained this little accessory to facilitate the transition and certain specific uses such as positioning a text cursor. At present, it would be very difficult to find a role for them.

  1. The front speakers

When you think of the speakers on the front of the smartphone, a brand comes to mind immediately. HTC has long had “exclusivity” on this somewhat strange choice of design. The beautiful story begins with the One M7 in 2013. This small revolution will then continue until HTC 10. The flagship of the brand launched in 2016 is deadlocked. Meanwhile, the Desire, mid-range models had also been equipped with little success. Will he be seen one day at HTC?

We saw a general decline in the use of this technology beyond HTC last year. If Motorola (Nexus 6), Huawei (Nexus 6P), Alcatel (the Idol series) or ZTE (Axon 7) have tried it, they are the trees that hide the desert.

Especially, the biggest manufacturers like Samsung, LG or Apple never went there. A sign without a doubt even if the recent leaks on the Google Pixel 2 incite to hope a return in grace. Answer in very little time. Have we forgotten? What developments will you most regret in your smartphones? What has marked you for good or evil?