Tips and tricks to get you started – Samsung has enriched the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge with many new features. Both smartphones are full of tricks and tricks to know absolutely to get started. The Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge are not just beautiful smartphones with muscular features. Both devices have many new features that will enhance your user experience.

Here are some tips and tricks to know absolutely to get started with smartphones.


  1. 1. Moving an application on the microSD card

The Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge sign the great return of the microSD card to Samsung.So much to enjoy to make room on the smartphone.

Go to the settings, applications and applications manager. Press the app you want to move. You will see an option that lets you choose the storage location. Choose the microSD card and you’re done.

  1. Remove bloatware

As usual, the Galaxy S7 comes with a lot of bloatware, pre-installed applications. You will end up with several duplicate applications that do not necessarily interest you.

You can uninstall a large number of them. To give a sweep, go to the Apps menu at the bottom of the smartphone. Press “Edit”, you will see a small “-” sign next to all applications you can delete. This feature also exists on the Galaxy S6.

  1. Store your photos and videos on the microSD card

The SIM card drawer of the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge now hosts a microSD card. You can insert a card up to 200GB. It is necessary to take advantage to store directly all the photos and videos under penalty of seeing his smartphone very soon engorged.

Open the camera and press Settings. Go to the storage option and choose the SD card.

  1. Enable Always on display mode

Samsung has added on the Galaxy S7, the Always on display mode. Thanks to it a small part of the screen of the smartphone remains always active even when the smartphone is on standby. This allows you to permanently access information such as time, date, calendar, battery level, and notifications.

Go to Settings, Screen, activate the Always on display function. You can then go to the configuration phase and choose what you want to display. The function turns off when the smartphone is in your pocket or reaches a low battery level.

  1. Launch the camera at a glance

You will be able to open your camera faster than light on the Galaxy S7 even if the smartphone is locked. This function also exists on the Galaxy S6 but it is not necessarily very well known.

To open the camera, simply press the Home button twice quickly. The application opens directly and as the focus of the sensor of the Galaxy S7 is ultra-fast, you will be able to take your picture in less than a second.

  1. Share your Wi-Fi connection

The Galaxy S7 has a new feature that allows sharing a WiFi connection with other devices. The Galaxy S7 as the Galaxy S6 can already share its cellular connection, Samsung’s latest smartphone now goes further.

It often happens that two devices placed next to each other do not capture as well a Wi-Fi connection. Thanks to the Galaxy S7 you will be able to make your PC or other smartphones benefit from an optimum connection. You can allow up to 10 devices. To do this, simply enable Wi-Fi sharing in access points as soon as you need it.

  1. Samsung Motion Photo

With the Samsung Galaxy S7, you now have the opportunity to make moving pictures. The concept is identical to the Live Photo of the iPhone but it does not have the same purpose.

To access this mode go into the camera and enter the settings. Then activate the Motion Photo mode. When you look at a photo in the gallery, by pressing a small icon you will have access to the video clip. Unfortunately, it is not usable, exportable or visible in another place. You can still capture a snapshot that will come out in 960 x 720. We’ll see if Samsung is changing this feature.