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Sport plays a fundamental role in contemporary society. Men and women can choose from a wide range of items: tracksuit, sweater, jacket, accessories, jogging pants. Adidas clothes have learned well the criteria claimed in this dress field. Why go to the gym being badly dressed? This is not because we do sport he should neglect his appearance!

Prep up your wardrobe with Adidas Originals

To start running, you have for the first time that you have in your wardrobe. But soon you’ll realize that clothing suitable for the practice of running will become essential to be at ease. In winter, the sticky and the privateer are your allies. They keep you warm while providing breathability, which is essential to keep you dry and avoid the discomfort of a skin glue. In summer, shorts and shorts will help you regulate your body temperature and evacuate more efficiently sweating.

Running all these clothes are designed with the latest technology brands that allow you to run comfortably warm or cool and above all dry! For those who wish to go further, there are also compression sleeves to wear during the race to preserve pain and cramps. Indeed, the compression effect improves blood circulation and easily removes lactic acid from muscle, head aches acid.

Material that speaks

Although it has absorbent properties, it is also a hot and heavy fabric. When you practice running, lightness is sought primarily and breathability of a fabric for maximum comfortable. In summer, you will opt for a tank top or a shirt with short sleeves, who will evacuate the optimal sweat and keep you cool. In winter, long-sleeved shirts and jackets have your attention: they keep you warm while wicking moisture from your body.

For all these clothes, choose cuts close to the body that offer excellent freedom of movement. For those who want to increase their performance and reduce muscle soreness, choose compression ups, which allow to bring more oxygen to your muscles and accelerate the elimination of lactic acid. You now to choose from the many senior running models available in universe-Running!

How to choose the right size?

If your measurements for hips and size correspond to two different suggested sizes, we recommend choosing the size that fits your hip. It is all about measuring the proper way for a perfect fit hence follow the track down:

  • Chest: measure the chest, keeping the tape parallel to the ground.
  • Size: measure the narrowest part in keeping the tape parallel to the ground.
  • Hip: remain standing with feet together and measure around the tip of the hip, keeping the tape parallel to the floor.

The outerwear is one of the articles of Adidas clothing was sold. It is practical and attractive at a time. Just put any sweater underneath and voila! Adidas tracksuits are several different colors and styles and are suitable for all tastes as diverse as they are. Among the Adidas clothing, a wide range shows the importance the brand to the comfort of its male and female customers.


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