In order to offer users of its search engine relevant advertisements, Google uses a complex algorithm with which the quality of an AdWords ad can be evaluated. This calculation of the quality level is carried out in real time during each advertising action and determines, with the maximum cost-per-click (CPC Max), the ranking of the ad (Ad Rank).

Ad Rank = CPC Max * quality factors


The market leader of the search engines does not give more details on the calculation of this level of quality. To give advertisers the ability to evaluate the quality of their ads themselves, Google allows members of its network to achieve a quality level that matches a keyword.


The main components involved in this calculation are:

  • The expected click through rate of an ad.
  • The relevance of the ad.
  • The user experience gained on the target page.
  • The result is presented on a scale from 1 to 10.


How to influence these quality factors and how to increase them?

  • Factors can change in the same search are the type of device used.
  • The location of the user during the search, the time or the exact wording of the search.
  • The specified quality level for the keyword entered on your Google Account does not have a direct impact on the ad’s ranking.


  • The components taken into account in the calculation of this estimate are also included in the ad-specific quality factor.
  • It is for this reason very highly recommended to optimize its ads as well as take the highest possible estimated values obtained for the AdWords quality factor.

 How to improve your AdWords quality factor?

The algorithms used by Google for calculating the Adwords quality factor are not known. In the area of AdWords support, different components of this quality factor are mentioned and they would affect the calculation of the ad ranking. The most important ones would be the AdWords account path data:


  • The expected click-through rate (CTR) of an ad
  • Clicks rate of displayed URLs
  • Target page quality
  • The relevance of ads and searches
  • Geographic Performance
  • Target media orientation


It is possible to achieve the best AdWords quality levels when the specified URL and its target page are highly relevant to the entered keyword and confirm a strong click-through rate in the past. In this regard, advertisers should check Google’s search intentions and corresponding keywords to better adapt their advertising text and optimize the target page to improve the AdWords quality factor.


If ads are designed on new keywords, Google logically does not have data on previous performance. On average, the new keywords will have the value 6, until performance data is determined. This process takes about a day according to Google.

Consequences of ad quality

The different components of Google Adwords quality factors have a significant impact on the effectiveness of an advertising device on your target search engines. Google addresses aspects that influence the quality factor in more detail:


  • Participation in an advertising action
  • Actual cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Ad Positions
  • Bid estimates in relation to the position of the ad
  • Widening ads and formats

The quality factor at the keyword level is the only one exposed by Google. In addition, the quality factor mentioned above gives us information about the level of ad bids.