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Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which attracted more than 150 000 people in the city of sin this week, serves as a launching pad for many electronics manufacturers, who will unveil their latest creations. With one exception, all should be available in UAE according to manufacturers. Find below all our categories of gadgets at the Ramadan SALE!

Your culinary skills are poor, or you may be looking to expand your cooking repertoire? Create many delicacies in our kitchen with all appliances! With the help of one or more gadgets, you can easily impress your friends and family with your culinary skills! Your set of devices could include a bread machine, ice cream maker, a waffle maker, a juicer and a health grill! In Ramadan you are indubitably looking for the range of home appliances such as from the branded homes of Tefal and prestige, right? The concept of “smart home” was very popular this year at CES and one of the most original gadgets in this category is the slow cooker designed jointly by Belkin and Jarden, manufacturer of branded kitchen accessories Crock-Pot. Using an application available for iPhone and Android, we can start and adjust the temperature of the remote Crockpot, coffeemakers, humidifiers and air purifiers are also planned.

Under different terminologies, said coatings “green” are based on ceramic. According to studies by Tefal and validated by independent laboratories, PTFE-coated pans have an average life of at least seven times that of ceramic stoves. The latter would include nanoparticles, ultraminiaturize materials which also raise them health concerns. Several manufacturers offer ceramic coating pans under different names: The Black Greenpan Kyoto is the best choice of choosing what test in September 2011. This range has obtained the lowest score to the test what to choose in September 2011. All this and more at the Ramadan SALE!

The other way around you may go check out the electronics gadget range at Ramadan Sale. Philips designed the M1X-DJ with the help of a professional DJ and it has everything to meet the expectations of fans. Compatible with iOS devices, it can also be used as a simple Bluetooth speaker when needed. Its top has two decks, one input and two audio outputs (headphones and speakers), a switcher, some audio adjustment levers and buttons for enhanced tempo synchronization, for example. The entire upper panel may be returned inwards for transport. The M1X-DJ is compatible with popular Djay app.

Chargers for mobile devices are rarely very attractive, but the model 5-port and 40 watts of Anker has special features. First, it is powerful. Each of the ports can provide eight amps, enough to simultaneously charge five tablets at full speed. In addition, Anker just plant a technology called Power IQ, whereby each port automatically adapts to the characteristics of the device connected to it to ensure that recharging is as fast as possible. And, of course, just being able to connect five devices at one shot is already an advantage in itself. The new version of this model has been marketing is expected to arrive in UAE during the year.

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