The more power, performance and storage up for a lower price than the previous model, the 8-inch bright screen, powerful speakers, microSD memory card reader, and parental control function.


Despite a few shortcomings, you will not find a tablet offering this level of performance and functionality at this rate.Although Amazon boasts an “all new Fire HD 8”, in fact, this tablet is nothing new except the proposed colors.

The Fire HD 8 boasts 16 or 32GB of storage with the ability to extend it via a microSD card whose capacity can now reach 256GB. The tablet is powered by a quad-core 1.3GHz processor and 1.5GB of RAM.

For side battery, Amazon, announces 12 hours in “mixed use”. It is therefore difficult for us to confirm this assertion with our video loopback test that does not reflect these conditions. Anyway, the autonomy is quite correct for a tablet of this price level. But we found that intensive use of Wi-Fi and video games graphically demanding seriously began the battery.

In use, the Fire HD 8 is reactive and much slower than the 2015 model. The Dolby Stereo speakers deliver powerful sound and are very comfortable with the videos. The front and rear photovideo cameras are basic in view of the current standards, but they have the merit of existing.

Let us come to the defects. The 8-inch 1.280×800 pixels (189 dots per inch) screen is not as bright or sharp as an iPad mini 4 (2.048×1.536 for 326 dpi). But the Fire HD 8 is almost 5 times cheaper. It will suit most users, but those who have known the Apple tablet will remain hungry.

The other flaw is related to the fact that although the Fire OS operating system is derived from Android, it does not give access to the Google Play application store. The Amazon application offering is also less consistent. There is a possibility to realize a jailbreak of the Fire HD 8 to open it to Android and to add Google Play, but this is a personal initiative that we cannot recommend.



Our last complaint is due to the charging time, which takes 6 hours. It can be accomplished during the night, but it seems very long now that we have tasted fast charging systems on smartphones.

The Fire HD 8 also has its good sides. Premium subscribers enjoy unlimited access to movies, TV shows and photo storage. In addition, the Netflix application is available. But the ecosystem is not as rich as Apple and Google. From our point of view, the plastic finish of the shelf deserves a protective shell that can be purchased as an option.



If you are a member of Amazon Prime, the 2017 version of the Fire HD 8 is a great deal and a very good option for children thanks to its price and its parental control system. And despite its average screen, you will not find any other tablet with such features and performance at this rate.