At its annual conference, Apple announced, the arrival of the iPhone 7 on 16th September. There will be no jack. It will use the new wireless headphones “AirPods” sold separately at the end of October, or via an adapter port lightning, or other wireless headset. So here comes the first news regarding, what Apple AirPods? The AirPods, new headphones without Apple wire, will they be a revolution? Failing to predict the future, let’s try them when they arrive.


So, what is AirPods?

AirPods they represent the “beginning of a wireless future”, or should we expect like the Apple Watch, far from having revolutionized uses? Without predicting the future, or have enough money to try it when it arrives, let’s see how it will look like the typical day of a man with an iPhone without jack.


Apple when presented the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S, confirmed the rumor: the abandonment of the mini-audio jack on its new generations of smartphones. Fortunately, in compensation, it will deliver with any iPhone mini-jack adapter cable to the Lightning port and a pair of wireless headphones AirPods. These are intended for use even simpler than wired models and offer semi-automated features quite innovative.

Upscale performance including iPhone 7

The new iPhone 7S is a beautiful object of industrial design. It is now sealed, includes a processor that sets a new benchmark and, on his release 7S, the dual sensor camera, the most advanced that one can find on a smartphone.


At the Apple keynote presentation, Philip W. Schiller, marketing boss, ably defended the abandonment of the jack (standard) as an act of courage and will to go forward. In a smartphone, between screen, processor, camera sensor, battery … the place is expensive and the mini-jack socket in taking. Philip W. Schiller also reassured audiophiles recalling that the only Lightning port, now available to iPhone, was designed from the outset to deliver a digital audio signal and a power supply. But he especially mentioned that Apple thinks that the future is with headphones and wireless headphones. And the Apple brand proves it by launching new AirPods headphones.

Terrific functionality

Apple AirPods reflect the shape of the ancients, particularly bold and certainly most of their acoustic part. But they are now completely wireless. Their internal batteries offer 5 hours of battery and they come with a charging unit that makes up to 24 hours.


Apple tries, with AirPods headphones, eliminating the complications wireless and especially the pairing procedure. These headphones work well in Bluetooth, but almost automatically connect to the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac. A validation click on the screen of the device to connect enough. Better yet, the AirPods turn on and off automatically when you put them on or remove the ears. They can operate alone (for phone calls) or in pairs and microphones are associated with noise reduction to improve the transmission quality of voice.

Sassy, stimulating and stable 

In addition to the iPhone 7, Apple offers new wireless headphones, the AirPods. Interesting, stable, they nevertheless suffer from some defects. By abandoning the minijack audio jack on the iPhone 7, Apple felt compel to set an example with its own Bluetooth headset. Here are AirPods, whose design is identical to that of EarPods, Apple headphones with a tip directed towards the ear canal which replaced the miserable ear button the first iPods.


Only, unlike most Bluetooth headsets, the AirPods are not interconnected. It is therefore out of their case and install in each ear individually. After which enjoys a good quality sound, enveloping without insulation, and well balanced with pronounced bass and detailed midrange. The result reminds one open stereo headphones that reproduce perfectly the audio, while allowing ambient noise.

Good stability 

As they lack in-ear tips and are connected by no cord, one might fear that AirPods easily escape the ear. But after being tested by running and shaking head, we had to admit that they remained well position. The question is whether it is good for health also wear headphones near the brain that emit electrical waves.


A smart case 

Apple has instead done things. At rest, the headphones are housed in their case and are positioned automatically in their location with a magnet system that keeps them in place. This case is equipped with a battery, also used to recharge the headphones. Connect its Lightning taken to a USB connector using the provided cable and the battery will recharge your batteries for a dozen hours. Install AirPods in the case and they will feed automatically to power wireless operation for 5 hours. We simply love this concept of smart case that attracts customers more to buy these AirPods.



It is also thanks to this case that we associate the headphones to an iPhone. Open it and place it near the phone, a window will appear, asking you to confirm the pairing. It is possible to link to another iPhone AirPods after resetting the housing using a small button on the case back.

Voice commands, or not!

  • Once installed in the ears, the headphones can be used to answer phone calls and control the voice assistant Siri. Moreover, it is by this means that control music playback.
  • The headphones are in fact devoid of controls to adjust the volume or change the sound track.We must therefore say “Tell Siri, turn it up” or “Tell Siri, goes to the next title” to perform these functions. But Siri does not always understand, especially when asked to play a song in English, and invariably distinguished by an unpleasant beep after interrupting music playback.
  • Another drawback in the absence of Internet connection, plane, for example, it is mandatory to get the iPhone to increase or decrease the sound and to change songs.However, simply remove a listener to pause the playback pause, and deliver it to continue listening. Twice can also tap on an earphone to activate Siri or by changing the option in the iPhone settings, to pause and resume playback.


Conclusion: Comparable to wired EarPods in terms of audio quality, AirPods stereo earphones are good if one does not seek isolation as with headphones or in-ear headphones. But the lack of integrated controls and low autonomy may cool more enthusiastic.


  • We like: the sound of good quality and its ease of copy pairing.
  • We like least:no remote control, and if Siri does not work, the requirement to go through the iPhone to turn up the volume and change songs.