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A fast, thinner and lighter iPad is what composes the iPad Air now. Apple has made a completely redesigned tablet externally compared to its predecessors but works functionally the same as that with last year’s version. According to some product reviews, iPad Air is the best and most powerful of all the tablets ever introduced in the market for some useful upgrades such that of the battery life and the camera quality which has been made for better usage.

Online updates and reviews say that Apple iPad Air, the newest Apple iPad version, consensus date of release was on the first of November in some selected areas globally. Rate range was indicated depending on the model (Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and LTE) which starts from $499 (16 GB) to $799 (128 GB) for the basic Wi-Fi and from $629 (16 GB) to $929 (128 GB) for the Wi-Fi and LTE. Color variations now are available on a mixed white with silver and a space grey with black.

Here’s a quick look on what to expect on the device.


DISPLAY 9.7 inches with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 (264 ppi)
MEMORY 16, 32 GB (Internal)
CAMERA Front and Rear (5-megapixel rear camera) with 1.2-megapixel FaceTime and 720p HD video
SIZE (WEIGHT, LENGTH) 1 lbs, 9.4 in x 6.6 in x 0.29 in

The time iPad Mini was first introduced in the market, some Apple lovers were extremely amazed by its weight and the slender structure— the design most tablet users opted to have mainly for their comfort in carrying gadgets. Now, with the new iPad Air, consumers might as well are thnking of shifting into a “real- size” Apple tablet.

Apple iPad Air is like a bigger version of the iPad Mini which only weigh just 1 pound. That is approximately 0.4 pound lighter to its predescessor and  0.3 pound heavier compared to the Mini. Thus, the weight in general is closer to that of the Mini than to the 4th generation which was released recently. It comes now with a new shape that means all buttons and the toggle switch are now located in the upper- right portion than that of the previous apple tablets. A modernized look out from the right-angled edges plus the rounded profile makes it appear classy and elegant. The speakers are not situated just on the sides of the connector port at the lower portion of the device for a better stereo quality unlike the old versions. Its back is still expected to get quite warm like the lower end apple tablets but will somehow be a little bit cooler this time. Large amount of heat will still be coming though. Much to that of the external changes, what fascinates the consumers is the fact the the apps load amazingly faster specially on large memory games making your browsing activity quite easier and convenient. The battery evolves to a smaller battery with just only a (32.4Wh vs. 42.5Wh) that enables user to work with it even in a 24- hour usage and with an LTE hotspot in a very impressive performance.

            Generally speaking, with regards to the performance of the new device, it is way better worth the quality and features. There will be no second thought of concluding that it is now the most powerful off all tablets. Along with all the new upgrades it possesses, the only discouragement people saw on it was the lacking Touch ID (introduced in iPhone 5s) used mainly for securing the unlocking of your device. As per some side comments, Apples should’ve included it for high end models normally retain the so called “best” features of the lower end models. However, it doesn’t affect the number of markets Apple can garner with its newest most powerful tablet.

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