From the time of Steve Jobs, Apple claimed that Android smartphones were going wrong by constantly increasing the size of their screen. Representatives of the brand with the Apple took heart again that on smartphones more than 4 inches, it was impossible to reach with the thumb the icons and menus located at the top of the screen.


But in September 2014, everything changes! Apple gives way to the trends of the market and presents the iPhone 6 and 6 plus equipped respectively with a screen of 4.7 and 5.5 inches.
The smaller iPhone will now be equipped with a 4.7-inch screen. In a word they regretted having dropped their iPhone 5 or 5S.

So what is the difference?


If we were to summarize this new iPhone SE in a few words, it looks like it is a 6S iPhone in a body of 5S. But let’s see together what this iPhone SE is about!

Design: always as beautiful

Aesthetically speaking, the iPhone SE is in all points identical to the 5S, a design that dates back to 2012 (with the iPhone 5). The only differences are in the chamfers, now matt and in the addition of a new Rose Gold version of the most beautiful effect. For those who are not fans of this color, know that this smartphone is also available in Gray Sidereal (black facade), Silver (white facade) and Gold (white facade).


  • The screen occupies only 60.8% of the front panel.
  • The latter features a 4-inch screen with a headphone, a brightness / proximity sensor and a front-facing camera.
  • Below the screen, there is the Home button surrounded by a ring recalling the color of the terminal.
  • This button incorporates a fingerprint reader (first-generation Touch ID).
  • The back of the phone houses a photo sensor (iSight) with its True Tone flash in the upper left corner.
  • Between these two elements, one notes the presence of a secondary mic input.
  • Lower, Apple in chrome pattern as well as iPhone SE markings and CE certification.
  • The upper edge of the unit houses thepower button, while on the lower end we find a 3.5 jack port, a USB 2.0 Lightning port, 2 cap screws and two gates.
  • The one on the left protects the primary microphone input and the one on the right protects the loudspeaker.
  • The left side makes room for the button to put the phone in “silent” mode and volume keys +/-.
  • On the right side there is a drawer for a Nano SIM card.

At the end, elegant, and offering a good grip, the design of this iPhone SE is very successful.

A nice little screen


  • The iPhone SE is equipped with a 4-inch Retina display in 16: 9 format.
  • This screen has a very thin display and is very pleasant to use, including outdoors.
  • The colors are displayed with accuracy and naturalness.
  • It is a very nice screen that really does not have to blush against the competition.
  • Enjoy watching videos on this 16/9 screen, even if we do not benefit from the immersion provided by a large screen.
  • On call, the earpiece delivers a “correct” sound, no more!It is crystalline and slightly more powerful sound.
  • As for the loudspeaker, it delivers a clear sound but not really powerful.
  • The 3.5 port jack combined with EarPods (headphones) provided in the box will allow you to listen to your favorite tracks qualitatively. It is a feast for the ears.

Performance: a fighter

Needless to say that this smartphone is able to run all the 3D games of the moment (even the most greedy), as well as all big applications. The navigation in the different menus is on the Net is hyper-fluid. No slowdown is observed. This is made possible by the presence of quality components such as a 64-bit dual-core A9 processor (manufactured by Samsung) and a Hewlett-Packard PowerVR GT7600 graphics processor.


To this must be added a motion coprocessor named M9. The latter supports all the sensors of the smartphone: gyroscope, accelerometer, e-compass, etc. These processors are associated with 2GB of RAM.

Once again, by mastering from A to Z all the components of its iPhone SE as well as the operating system that animates it, Apple offers a perfectly optimized terminal.

  • Processor:Dual-core A9 clocked at 1,84GHz
  • RAM:2GB
  • Graphics Processor:Hexa-core PowerVR GT7600
  • Storage memory:16GB of memory that turns into 12,1Go when first starting.

SE with total connectivity

The connectivity of the iPhone SE is complete. So we have, logically, a mobile GSM quad band 2G / 3G / 4G. The latter being of category 4 (150 Mbps). Note also that this phone supports VoLTE (voice calls in 4G). The network hangers in 2G / 3G and 4G are “satisfactory” but not excellent.


Another point: the iPhone SE has a fingerprint sensor called Touch ID. Each fingerprint requires a fast setting, which allows for example to unlock the phone.

 Operating system: an up-to-date OS

For those who do not know yet, iOS is an operating system developed by Apple and found on all its mobile devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad). This OS (Operating System) has been designed for the easiest and easiest touch accessibility in all its functionality. This iOS is a bit the precursor of the all capacitive touch that is currently found at its main competitors such as Android or Windows Phone.


The iPhone SE runs under the latest version of iOS dated, the 9.3 that is found besides on the 6S.  The interface uses flat design and is rather flattering to the eye. There is a notifications panel and a “control center” to activate certain connections.

It should be emphasized that the iPhone SE is the first Apple smartphone to have the function “Night Shift” which allows to affix a filter of more or less yellowish color on the screen for better readability at night. But one of the key features of this iPhone SE is its application “Dis Siri” (or “Hey Siri”) which is a bit the counterpart of Samsung’s “S-Voice” application.  

A very good photophone


  • The iPhone SE is equipped with the same 12-megapixel back-up photo sensor as the one on the 6S.
  • It is accompanied by a True Tone flash and allows to shoot in 4K.
  • The photos taken in bright light are excellent.
  • The autofocus is very fast.
  • Apple has equipped its SE with the “Live Photos” feature which records a series of photos mounted as a clip and within which you can navigate to choose the best.It’s rather fun!
  • In full brightness, it is possible to make beautiful selfiesand the Flash Retina proves effective.
  • The screen acts as a flash by offering a brightness 3 times higher than normal for short periods of time. Also note that the front sensor is capable of filming in 720p.
  • A 60-minute YouTube video (all connections on, 50% sound, 50% brightness) will have consumed only 13% of the energy contained in the battery of this smartphone.And that’s really good! 

Apple iPhone SE is a success


With the iPhone SE, we rediscover the joys of using a smartphone with one hand while having a reserve of power beneath the latter. Its manufacturing quality is perfect, it offers a premium design, and it makes beautiful pictures and has a good autonomy.

Goodies: manufacturing quality, premium materials, range, performance, photo quality