Apple should unveil the tenth iteration of its flagship smartphone in 2017. But while Apple brand is expected at the turn of the disappointing year, the latest rumors about iPhone 8 are mixed.

Certainly, the presence of a “Home” touch and the non-physical button would be a significant change. Just as the end of the jack for headphones, which should especially cause its share of criticism. But apart from that, the design would remain very similar to the iPhone 6 and 6S, while so far, all the new numbers of the smartphone have profoundly modified the design.


If the iPhone 7 is visually identical to the previous ones, it could mean that Apple will skip the iPhone 7S case in 2017. It would not be so illogical to release an iPhone 8 the year Next, to celebrate the 10 years of the object that revolutionized mobile phones.


All the more so since the beginning of the year, many rumors claim that Apple is working on major modifications for the iPhone, but that will not be present on the iPhone 7. Moreover, during Month, contradictory rumors affirmed that the disappearance of the jack and the “Home” physical button were not planned for the iPhone 7, but for the future model of 2017. We take stock of the rumors most present.

An iPhone: with “full screen”

One of the most insistent rumors on the iPhone 8 is a dramatic change in the screen, which would cover the entire surface of the phone. The Home button (no longer physical), the Touch ID, as well as the camera and microphone, would be integrated directly into the screen.

The next iPhone will be equipped with a screen from one side to the other of the smartphone. The switch to the touch of the “Home” button on the iPhone 7 would thus be the first step towards a real change of design.


Another rumor even claims that the screen could bend to coat the edges of the iPhone, thanks to the technology Oled. But according to MacRumors, this giant curved screen could be booked as a third model, different from the iPhone 8 and 8S. Maybe even a special edition to mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.

This semi-confirmation is all a way for the boss to say that at least one other model of iPhone will have an aluminum shell … just made by its company. Likewise, and accordingly, the whole shell will not be made of glass, but there will be a metal chassis to hold everything, much like what was done on the iPhone 4.


The fact that a single model would be entirely glass reinforces a little more the idea that a third model of iPhone 8 would be in preparation to celebrate the tenth anniversary. 

A long distance wireless charger

We heard that the Apple is working on a new wireless charging technology for its iPhone in 2017. Attention is not talking about the classic wireless charging which is found in many competitors and request to ask Phone on a specific surface. It would be a new technology to load the smartphone over a greater distance (not 50 meters, obviously).


At present, this is almost impossible, because the loss of energy as a function of distance is too great. Besides, engineers specializing in wireless charging were hired by Apple in recent months.

An Iris Scanner


DigiTimes claimed that Apple was working on an iris scanner (already marketed feature on some phones), but for 2018. Finally, in late August, this novelty will be very present in 2017 for the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.