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The brand Apple needs no introduction. It is indubitably one of the most renowned yet hottest trademark acclaimed unanimously. Apple laptops are like no other: a unique style, and finish off standard. They come in two families: the MacBook Air for the more nomadic and family, and Macbook Pro for those who want maximum power and a large screen. First, the design strikes: clean lines, incredible finesse, quality of materials and assembly. But once on, the MacOS X, which represents the state of the art in information technology, will offer an inimitable ergonomics and robustness.

Apple laptops are like no other: a unique style, and finish off standard. They come in three families: the MacBook Air for most nomadic families. Fancy a family Mac? Or rather to work? To play?

The air is part of the family of portable machines but holds a place of its own. Its low weight and fineness make record nomadic machine for mobile at par excellence. But beware, it cannot claim to run too demanding applications in 3D. It’s a bit its main weakness because its architecture is very powerful, it will play back HD without compromise, or run recent games (lowering his details settings). The tireless travelers especially fond of this little Mac, which has been developed to essentially make the office and surfing the net, and in all places.

Despite its small size, it is indeed a MacBook comes with a dual-core Intel Core i5 processor running at 1.4 GHz, its flash storage capacities of 128GB or 256GB, MacOS X. However, the fineness of its shell imposes concessions, especially with reduced connection. Two USB 3 ports, a sound Thunderbolt port and an outlet (and a port for an SDXC card on the model 13 “) you can enjoy the Ethernet network only through an adapter to connect to one of the two USB ports.

Not always easy to find in the range, and many are torn between a laptop and a desktop Mac, between an iMac and Mac mini. This folder allows you to better situate you in your search and to guide you in choosing Your Mac. The opinion of the editor: The MacBook Air has been updated in April 2014, but the improvements are few (+ 1000 Mhz).If you opt for a new machine, 11″ is the ultimate laptop that can take anywhere. And do not forget to boost the RAM to 8GB, and if possible, choose the 512GB SSD. It is rumored that a new model (12″) could soon make its appearance and update likely beginning in 2015.

MacBook Air range, you have a choice of four models. The distinction lies in the screen size (11″ or 13” widescreen LED-backlit glossy) and SSD flash storage type 128 or 256GB (512GB optional).  If you intend for your MacBook Air to a function main machine, prefer the 13 “. If there should be an extra machine, the basic model perfectly fulfill its role. We advise you still add some RAM and choose your SSD to buy, Apple largely locking the possibilities of evolution.

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