Intel-based smartphones can be counted on the fingers with one hand. Today, we propose you the Asus Zenfone 5, an interesting terminal and precisely equipped with an Intel processor. What a good surprise!


Interestingly, the Zenfone 5 is also because of its price since it is marketed in this month of August 2014 in its 2GB version of RAM / 16GB ROM. It also exists in a version of 1GB of RAM / 8GB of ROM. This phone is available in Charcoal Black, Cherry Red, Champagne Gold, Twilight Violet and Pearl White.  So, what does this Asus Zenfone 5 offer in its 2GB version of RAM / 16GB ROM?

Elegant, successful design


Do not let the suspense last longer, the Zenfone 5 offers a modern design, rather in angles (rounded). It is simply elegant, especially in this white version. This is a phone that you will not be ashamed to get out of your pocket. 

  • Front face:

A screen of 5 inches below which one finds the 3 touch keys (not backlit) “return, reception and multitasking”. Under the latter, there is the presence of a brushed aluminum plate in the most beautiful effect. The screen is topped by an earpiece, brightness / proximity sensors, a notifications LED, the front camera and the “Asus” marking in chrome letters.


  • Back / Back:

A photo sensor surrounded by a chrome ring that is slightly removed from the hull. The latter is accompanied by its LED flash. Below is the Intel logo and loudspeaker.
The Asus battery cover can be removed, allowing access to the battery (non-removable), the two SIM slots (micro format) and the slot for the micro SD card.

  • Upper side:

A 3.5 jack and a secondary microphone input.

  • Lower side:

The primary microphone input and the micro USB port.


  • Flexion:
    The terminal resists the bending test, a probable consequence of the presence of a Corning Gorilla 3 window.
  • Pressure:

Even by exerting a strong pressure on the slab, it is almost impossible to impact the screen. The Zenfone 5 offers a grip all the more pleasant as the back cover of the mobile is satin white plastic very soft to the touch, leaving little hold to the fingerprints.  A good point that it does not share with the front face that it will be necessary to clean very regularly.


The grip of Asus Zenfone 5 is good, for a smartphone of 5 inches. The dimensions of 148.2 x 72.8 x 10.34 mm for a weight of 145 grams. The mobile seems finer than it really is because the thickness on the edges is only 5.05 mm.

Image and sound: in the air of time

Asus has therefore equipped its Zenfone 5 with a screen “in the air of time” and which responds concretely to the expectations of the market, in the case of an HD Ready.



Screen: A 5-inch IPS LED display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and capable of displaying 16 million colors, giving us a density of 294ppp (Pixels per Inch or PPI: Pixels per Inch) Image is contrasted and the angles of view rather good.

Touch panel:  A very good tactile slab, reactive. It works perfectly well.

Loudspeaker, earphone, 3.5 jack: The loudspeaker provides a sound of good quality, quite powerful.  As for the earphone and the 3.5 jack, no complaints. The latter work perfectly well.

We take pleasure in watching videos and listen to MP3 on this smartphone.

Performances: at the top

 At Asus, low price does not rhyme with less performance. You can see for yourself. The scores of the different benchmarks do not lie!


  •  There are a 2 × 2 processor Intel Atom Z2580 core clocked at 2GHz, 2GB of RAM and a PowwerVR SGX544MP2 graphics processor.
  •  A double heart, each heart generating a second virtual heart.
  •  As for internal memory, we have 16GB expandable via micro SD (up to 64GB) + 5GB offered on the Asus cloud.

Connectivity is spot-on!


At this price level, do not expect too much to find 4G and NFC.In spite of everything, the Zenfone 5 is a quad band GSM, equipped with an Internet connection HSPA + (3G 42 Mbps) 850/900/1900/2100 MHz.

It’s a Zen Android

Without arriving in the overdose of special effects, we find here an OS (Operating System) reworked, and suddenly, more pleasant to use (for some) than the very austere Android core.


  • Operating system:This is an Android Jelly Bean 4.3 (upgradable 4.4.2), an ultra-known, stable and reliable system.
  • Overlay builder:The manufacturer added its Asus Zen UI overlay to the Google OS.
    We soon realize that there has been work done by the manufacturer. In terms of design and ergonomics, we see icons and a reworked menu, wallpapers, widgets and ringtones added. The result obtained is therefore very satisfactory, beautiful and pleasant to use.

Personal can be pro

Yes, this mobile will answer all the usages. Whether it’s mobile internet surfing and emails or big 3D games and gourmet applications, or even MP3 / video playback, the Zenfone 5 will respond.

It is therefore a good smartphone, which does not pose to the use any problem and generates no frustration related to a lack of functionality.


  • Camera:An 8-megapixel back sensor with LED flash and autofocus mode that delivers very acceptable photos. The terminal is also equipped with a 2MP front camera which will be useful for selfies or video conferencing.  


A battery of 2110 mAh which will deliver an average autonomy. For example, a 60-minute YouTube video (all connections on, 50% brightness, 50% sound) will have consumed 36% of the charge in the battery. In theory, this phone will hold the day before it needs to be recharged. In fact, it is the screen that is very energy intensive.


A good mobile, therefore, which will meet all your needs and on which there is not really any criticism to be formulated, if not the battery that will be a little limit if you have a consistent use.

Conclusion: gold at the price of iron

For a more than reasonable price, this mobile offers excellent performance, a high-quality HD image quality, an efficient operating system and stylish design. The Zenphone 5 will allow you to play your favorite 3D games (such as Asphalt 8) without a problem.


Watching videos will also be a real pleasure. As for the absence of the 4G, we remind you that we still have right to the H + Dual Carrier (42 Mbps). Another good point to account for the brand is the ability to install the Android update to KitKat 4.4.2 from the Asus website.