Large tablets are intended for domestic use, and must offer maximum comfort. Quality display, good versatility and good autonomy are the most important criteria. Here are the top 10 models that ruled in 2016.


Tablets with large screens, around 10 inches, are the most popular. And for good reason, they are the ones that offer the best comfort and the greatest versatility. From 8.9 to 12.9 inches, they offer for the larger ones a display surface similar to that of small laptops. And since they are lighter, it is not surprising that most users have very often abandoned the latter to the benefit of slates for the most common uses: web browsing, video playback, and quick consultation of all kinds of information.

Have a wise look at the details 

It is also necessary that the screen is of quality. Large format tablets are in quantity, so one finds at all prices, but one must be wary of the cheapest models equipped with screens type TN, much worse than IPS tiles. These screens generate a lot of frustration when confronted with everyday uses: narrow viewing angles, low luminosity, bland colors, etc. As for the definition of screen, bet at least on 1280 by 720 pixels, or even 1920 by 1080 pixels.


The best tablets go out of wake in a snap of fingers and return just as quickly, unbeatable delay even for the fastest PC (or Mac). To do this, their consumption must be sufficiently optimized to avoid having to charge it every two days.

As the centerpiece of the house, the large format tablet must be as versatile as the family PC, at least for the least demanding tasks. HD video playback, a bit of video gaming, multitasking, transferring pictures from the camera or a memory card, video output etc. The more it actually, the better.

So many criteria that favor the best tablets of the moment appearing in this top 10.

  1. Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro

It is the tablet that offers the most original functionality of the market since it integrates a picoprojector. A solution especially ludic which always makes its small effect, especially on the move.


It will be necessary however that the piece is dark enough to really enjoy it. In addition, the Yoga Tab 3 Pro has a nice screen and good endurance even when using the projector. It should be noted, however, that its originality is at the expense of its weight, significantly higher than the average.

  1. Huawei MediaPad 10.0 M2


The latest tablet of the manufacturer Huawei is a success. Its beautiful 10-inch screen does not penalize its remarkable autonomy. With a price well positioned, it comes in several versions, including a Premium including a stylus for lovers of drawing.

  1. Amazon Fire HDX 8.9

Sold only online, Amazon tablets would benefit from being better known. This Fire HDX 8.9, for example, is (with Pixel C) simply the most enduring of all tablets in this ranking, including video playback.


And its performances are of very high level. Its only defects: the absence of port for memory card and a choice of applications too limited.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S TabPro 

While Samsung is used to offering tablets on Android, the manufacturer is splitting it with this 12-inch model on Windows 10. Half tablet, half laptop, this Galaxy TabPro S intends to offer the best of both worlds to users, they wish to use it while traveling or at home.


We like the quality of its Super AMOLED screen, its extreme finesse and the comfort of the keyboard provided as standard. Endurance is also excellent. For the price, however, we regret the lack of a backlit keyboard, the magnetic hinge too soft for our taste and lack of memory.

  1. Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

Sony’s latest waterproof shelf delights with its ultra-thin design and lightweight (6 mm for 393 g), impressive display and excellent performance.


Powerful, fast and rather enduring, it is almost perfect in use. Sony offers the Xperia Z4 Tablet in two versions: Wi-Fi alone or Wi-Fi 4G. A wireless keyboard is also available as an option, but is a bit expensive.

  1. Google Pixel C

This top model of the manufacturer succeeds in making a place among the best tablets of the moment. This thanks to a very nice screen, power to resell and an excellent autonomy.


Despite its removable keyboard (sold separately), it will, however, struggle to compete with a real laptop.

  1. Apple iPad Pro 9.7

With this new generation of iPad Pro, in the classic 9.7-inch format, Apple targets two targets. Those who already have an iPad or another tablet and would like to update it and those with old PC.


If this model does not do the same work as a PC under conditions of multitasking productivity somewhat sustained, it asserts itself in any case as one of the best tablets of Apple. The perfect product for anyone who wants to update their iPad. Only its high price could cool our fervor.

  1. Apple iPad Air 2

The Apple IPad Air 2 is a tablet with incredible finesse: only 0.61 cm! For the rest, it retains the advantages of the first model stamped Air: a very beautiful screen with high definition, a large reserve of power and a level of finishing impeccable.


It is just regrettable that this race to finesse was to the detriment of battery and power consumption. Note that it will be necessary to feel content with the version 64 GB because the model 128 Go is no longer available.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7

Samsung remains dominant in the tablet market, at least technically, thanks to its latest Galaxy Tab S2 in 9.7-inch format.


This tablet finally adopts the very comfortable 4: 3 screen ratio of the iPad and its design is almost identical. Its AMOLED screen is the best of its kind, as is its power-battery ratio.

  1. Apple iPad Pro

Indubitably, it is the Apple, yes! The first large format tablet from Apple is a success: the 13-inch screen magnifies any game, movie or comic book reading.


One remains, however, more reserved on its use as a portable computer, its keyboard being able to render service only punctually.