Spotted on the parades, these handbags will set the tone for the next season. Review these trendy it-bags that will mark the spring-summer of 2017.


The Fashion Week bags that we love in the spring of 2017

It is the event of the autumn. New York, London … Fashion Week follows one another. The trendiest bags for Spring-Summer 2017 were spotted during the first parades.


While some collect jewelry or shoes, others are addicted to bags! And yes, how to dispense with this accessory that gives style to an outfit? While New York Fashion week has just ended, the London Week is in full swing. THE trends that emerge? There are XXL bags, funny pockets and bags with bohemian tones. Don’t miss our up to 80% off discount this season.

Back to Spring-Summer 2017 ready-to-wear trends:

  • The pouch bag

Bags-That-Will-Mark-A-Hit-In-2017-mainIt is the accessory to go out in the evening. It is found at Mulberry in a very classic style but with bright colors like yellow and red. At Coach, we do in fantasy with a pink pocket with fringe with flowers.

  • The shoulder bag


More than a bag to relieve our back, the shoulder bag is first and foremost a trendy accessory easy chic. It’s simple, we saw it on all the parades! Paul Smith, who bluffed with his colorful clothes with floral prints, offered bags in slouching abundantly. At Fashion East, we mainly retain the electric orange bag associated with a blue dress.

  • The XXL bag
  • Bags-That-Will-Mark-A-Hit-In-2017-05
  • A classic that continues to impose itself over the years. Taking into account the unbridled pace of some women, Victoria Beckham offers oversize bags of the best taste.
  • The micro bag


Is not he adorable? In any case, it seduces the world of fashion! A flagship model of last season, it is now found at Charlotte Olympia in an offbeat style, in banana, pineapple or vinyl.

  • The triple XL bag


Nothing like an oversized bag to play the summer game. If Celine tenfold the bag, Balenciaga declines it in audacious forms ultra-retro worthy of the seventies and Loewe makes a large pouch full of suppleness, which is carried nonchalantly under the arm. A must-have, therefore.

  • The miniature bag


In 2017, the bag is reduced to microscopic dimensions, from Valentino to Hermes, which make our fetish accessory a real pocket handkerchief that is less practical than the ultimate snobbery.

  • The fun bag


The folly of sweats and message t-shirts now invests handbags that now display frontally mantras and other communicative punch lines, from Dior’s “J ‘ adior ” to “Future” from Gucci. A new way for creators to recall their attachments to words and display its mood of the day in the eyes of all.

  • The banana bag


Forget the neo-banana of the past season, this year the creators reinvent the famous bag worn at the waist giving it a silhouette of belted pocket, sometimes chic, sometimes practical, exuberant or ultra-discrete. We like the minimum off-road guarantee of the models Stella McCartney, as well as the disco elegance of the micro-bag belt, signed Kenzo.

  • The ring bag


Exit the leather handle, it is the ring that one will carry his bag this summer. Voluminous in Chloe and Givenchy, modest in Marni, it nevertheless gives a subtle retro touch to these new objects of desire.

  • The object bag


Mini-robot, a box of pills, drum or sound system: everything is good to create a remarkable bag, more of the superficial appearance than the real usual accessory. Never mind, we dare the beef effect of an ostentatious bag, especially for the holders of a total black look.