With iOS 7, everything is new: the external aspect, but also the interior with added functions, others modified. Sprinkle it all with a touch of design and you’ll get an OS that gives a real youthful look to machines that have the chance to be compatible. Obviously, not all functions are available for all generations of iPhone, iPod, and iPad.


It’s time for a tour of iOS 7 and remarks and tips after use: Before continuing, it should be noted that all of the functions mentioned have been tested on iPhone 5, everything may not be available on older machines (4S and 4).

With iOS 7, Apple finally took a risk!


The interface of iOS had very little evolved since its launch in 2007 where the systems Windows Phone and Android had embraced the innovations and trends in term of recent design.

IPhone, iPad almost like new

This is obvious, the fonts have changed, finer, more modern, while the overall interface is based on transparencies and vivid colors. They might even seem screaming at first, but you get used to it quickly. On the homepage, the first aspect that strikes the presentation, totally different overall, then the layout and the organization have not really changed.


Far from being a simple object of personalization, the wallpaper is at the heart of iOS 7. Since the OS is fun with transparency, the wallpaper will indeed give a particular shade to all the iPhone. Some of these funds are even really animated and move with the accelerometer, there are 7. A real regret, it does not seem possible to add (for now), Apple does not propose to download nor even proposes a guide to developing it. It is hoped that this will be possible in the near future, but nothing is less certain.


Because of this, the classic wallpapers are always in the spotlight, but they come back with a trick: they move with the movements of the iPhone picked up by the tilt sensor. You can almost see behind the icons. It’s fresh, it’s original and those who do not do it will always be able to disable it in the settings.

Small coquetry to notice:


The icon of the clock has become alive and displays the time live. Not fundamental, but it’s the kind of little thing you like. When is the same with the temperature or forecasts to a few hours on the weather icon?

Driving iOS at your fingertips


If everything is not necessarily visible at first, the interface always contains the notification center, which can be accessed with a flick of the finger from the top to the bottom, but is now added a “control center” accessible also with Slipping fingers, but from bottom to top.

As far as the Task Manager is concerned:


It is always accessed in the same way, by double-clicking on the home button, but this one has changed and for good reason, of a simple bar of icons, Hui all the screen. Practical, pleasant and compatible landscape mode, it is appreciated in the car to switch from the GPS to the alarm of radars without constraints.

IOS 7 seen, applications side


Modern, resolutely colorful, sometimes surprising, it is made, but it is a success, refreshing.  The native apps are all in iOS 7 sauce, the others, those downloaded from the App Store have for much taken a shot of old but ambient updates in cascade since the release of iOS 7.

There is no photo!

Whether it is the photo app that allows consulting its shots or the camera, the novelties are very numerous.


  • Photo: The function moments is very well done, pleasant to use and convenient to navigate photo libraries that only lie down! The app has been completely redesigned and it will take some time to do it. The photo flow share tab is particularly descriptive and the photos are scrolled in a very pleasant flow to consult.


  • Camera: It gains a burst mode, practical to have it with other functions without needing a dedicated application, ditto for the zoom in the video (pinching) and filters that also appear. This reduces the need for third-party apps by making everything available wherever you are used to. The new look is also particularly successful


  • Safari: the presentation and the full-screen mode provide a comfortable viewing, but pay attention to the tabs that accumulate each time one comes to consult an Internet page from emails for example.

It’s much better, but..


You’ve figured it out, iOS 7 marks a break, a refresher after years of no small key changes and a real risk-taking. The first impression is often difficult, but after several days, the colors do not jump to the eyes, the whole becomes nice and beyond the graphic aspect, it is the new features of the system take the place and demonstrate that we should have Hard to go back.

IOS 7: all about Facetime Audio

One of the novelties of iOS7 is that we hear the least talk about is probably that-i: audio calls via Facetime. First limited to video is Wi-Fi then 3G that Facetime allows communicating two Apple devices whether it is iPhone, iPad, iPod or even Mac.


With the arrival of iOS 7, the data changes a bit since Facetime, in addition to becoming a full-fledged application on iPhone, also gains the ability to communicate only in audio.

How does it work? Many advantages

  • Facetime Audio consumes very little data in 3G and can therefore easily come to complete a voice package sometimes limit.


  • Before making a call to a contact who has an iPhone, it is better to ask if Facetime Audio is not the best solution to keep the voice plan for other phone calls.


  • Connected, in WiFi, Facetime Audio, like its video counterpart, will also be a solution easy to access and especially free for those who travel abroad.