By smashing many uses, the smartphone definitely imposed itself in our daily life. It remains to be determined which is the best Smartphone according to your budget or according to your needs. Because besides the criteria that can make the difference like the photo capture, the clutter of the telephone or the size of the screen, the price of the smartphone is often the element that conditions the purchase. And on the price argument, the lines have moved in recent years.

Thus, in 2017, it is possible to acquire a mid-range Smartphone that will do the job perfectly. Understand that it will capture beautiful photos/videos, offer a reassuring finish and be effective enough to deliver a user experience without slowing down.

What remains then to the more upmarket smartphones? Aesthetic refinements and a perceived quality much more rewarding, photographic / video skills that hunt on camera lands, but also very high definition screens and outstanding performance or even battery. Because our smartphones are rarely marathoners and if you hear beyond the day of use, you will have to choose well before drawing the CB.

Here is our selection of the best smartphones in 2017 by far, those that offer the best performance or the best value for money.

• Samsung Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S 2017 is illustrated this year by its screen almost edge to edge. Besides the wow effect of this display that occupies a large square front facade, Samsung demonstrates once again its perfect mastery with a striking screen. Infinite blacks, excellent color reproduction, very high definition, and when the whole enjoys a design box and refined, we are not far from perfection.

Especially as this Galaxy S8 is illustrated on the points that count with autonomy and performances clearly above the lot and always a resistance to water very practical. Only regret, if the S8 is still one of the best photophone, this year it got its crown ravished by the LG G6. Difficult not to be under the spell of the S8 that cumulates the good points.

• Apple iPhone 7
While waiting for the release of an iPhone 8 break, the new features of the iPhone 7 are not flashy. Yes but they remain enough to keep Apple on the podium of the best smartphones in early 2017. Main innovation: the resistance to water, in addition to a new processor and a brighter screen.

The 4.7-inch model features for the first time a photo sensor with optical stabilization, previously reserved for the iPhone “Plus”. The cheapest terminal finally has 32 GB of storage, it would almost forget the disappearance of the jack. For those who want to renew their smartphone while staying on iOS, this is the best option.

• LG G5
After a G5 too experimental, LG is cautious and delivers a smartphone very engaging with a beautiful screen, very high resolution and delivering good brightness maximum to make it fully exploitable outdoors. Faced with its main rival, Galaxy S8, the LG G6 also has a screen almost edge to edge and a waterproof case. A case that will be more conventional.

This LG G6 will distinguish itself especially by its incredible aptitudes for the photo. The mobile photo addicts will undoubtedly find the best photophone proposal of the beginning of 2017. A very relevant alternative to the roller of Samsung, this G6 is cheaper and will offer more or less the same performance and autonomy as the Galaxy S8.

• Samsung Galaxy S7
Our smartphone favorite of 2016 retains our confidence in early 2017. Especially as with the release of the Galaxy S8, this Galaxy S7 sees its price fall and now falls. With this Galaxy S7, Samsung returns to its fundamentals with the return of a memory card slot and waterproof its high-end smartphone.

What federates its hard core of historical users? The Galaxy S7 is an excellent display and performance, excellent photo capabilities, impressive autonomy and a design / finishing touch.

• Samsung Galaxy A5

The 2015 Galaxy A5 was one of the best smartphones of 2016, its successor takes back the torch with the way. The 2017 version retains the excellent autonomy of its predecessor and an equally successful design by gaining water resistance (IP68) as well as 32 GB of storage by default. A guarantee of permanence for the telephone.

On the other hand, this edition shows some weaknesses in terms of photography and performance. The A5 version 2017 nevertheless sets the bar high enough to retain its place in our selection of the best smartphones. A highly recommendable mid-range machine.

• Lenovo Moto G5
Over the years, the Moto G has established itself as one of the reference smartphones. In 2017, Lenovo was able to upgrade the Moto G5 by choosing an aluminum finish and adding a fingerprint sensor while lowering the price. With an eight-core chip and a beautiful 5-inch Full HD, bright and contrasting panel, this G5 currently offers the best performance / compactness / price proposition on the market.

The autonomy is correct with 1 and a half days and the machine has the merit to propose the latest version of Android (Nougat) delivering a pleasant and fluid experience. Last but not least, a generally satisfactory photo capture, which is rarely the case on smartphones of this price.

• Apple iPhone SE
While the segment of very small smartphones is deserted by manufacturers who merely offer machines often disappointing to use, Apple’s proposal is flying.

It’s the iPhone SE, perfect falls of the aging iPhone 5 even 5s, presents itself as an iPhone 6s in very compact format. Its performance and long battery life make for an excellent lifespan and this very balanced machine perfectly meets a specific problem: to target a population in search of a smartphone that is efficient and usable with one hand. For this target, it will be the best possible choice at the moment.

• Sony Xperia X Compact
The choice of small smartphones is quite limited. Apart from this Sony Xperia X Compact, one can quote the iPhone SE which has a more powerful processor but a screen of only 4 inches. In a clutter quite similar to the iPhone SE, Sony offers it a slab of 4.6 inches. A good performance especially since this screen is clear and bright and therefore remains very readable in full sun.

One could regret a screen resolution of 720p, nevertheless, it is sufficient for a small diagonal and especially participates in the good autonomous of this Xperia, 11H30 nonstop away from a plug. If its camera of 23 megapixels is excellent, Xperia misses the DNA of Sony, the waterproof.