BBM for android, iphone

BBM for years became the best messaging especially for those who are well versed in business. It connects people all throughout the globe in just a nick of time with its fast and convenient messaging plus the affordable various data plans to choose. Recently, during the Blackberry Live Conference conducted last May of this year, one of the hot topics tackled was the plan of offering “BBM FOR ALL” that means BBM will no longer just be exclusive for Blackberry users. This time everyone can enjoy the perks of using BBM be it as an iOS or Android user. This move might have been the result to Blackberry’s attempt in response to the company’s rumored massive losses, major layoffs and for the entire business enterprise to recover.

 The aforementioned announcement was said to be available before the end of summer as their consensus launching date. In some online updates released last week, the update was that the app will be coming out Sept 21 (for Android users) and Sept 22 (for iOS users). However, in Blackberry’s effort to meet their initial timeline, the deployment of the said app has failed due to some issues that have come up during the launching process. One thing is just certain as of the moment—that BBM app for android and iPhone will not roll-out globally this week as Blackberry is encountering some unblocking problems of some sites in their system according to the latest update online. There were few non-blackberry users who have activated but despite of the problems will they still continue to avail the service. For android users it will be as of the moment limited though for they have stopped making the app available for download until everything in their system is done.

 Once Blackberry is ready to unveil BBM to iOS and Android users, the app can be downloaded by visiting which will be absolutely free of charge in Google Play and App StoreSM. Although exact release date of the interrupted deployment of app is still hanging as of now, the company is in beyond eagerness of efforts to make it available for everyone the soonest possible time. The utmost focus on solving each and every problem they are facing was their driving force towards the success of the app.

Our teams continue to work around the clock to bring BBM to Android and iPhone, but only when it’s ready and we know it will live up to your expectations of BBM.”