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Review: After unveiling blackberry flagship products and after the biggest global announcement on “BBM for ALL” service for non-blackberry users comes the newest hype of device that definitely structured from its predecessors.  The new addition to the blackberry family is known to be the Z30. Last September of this year marked its launching date in most electronic stores (both online and offline) in areas across UAE with an estimated price range of AED 2499 to AED 2599.

            The Blackberry Z30, rumored to be the first blackberry phone to have the largest screen with the highest battery capacity, comes in an excellent 5-inch AOLED display in which although there are still some spaces for the blackberry logo and the bottom design but would definitely cater your multimedia needs. It is still in a touch screen design with the external buttons such that of the volume and flash portions located at the sides of the device. On top of the external design, when it comes to the weight, a comfortable carefree feeling of about 170 grams is what to expect on the device. It is not for sure the lightest but somehow wouldn’t be a bothersome for you to carry. With regards to the pixel per inch count in the Z30 basically can’t compete to that of the Z10. However, the display still comes up in a elegant colorful reproduction.

Alike the Z10, Z30 also comes in an 8-megapixel camera which captures your moments just perfectly as you desire to have in the quality. Along with the camera is the 1080p video recording capability for best results. It doesn’t have much revision on the app which still includes the famous TimeShift feature enabling the user to constantly and continuously take snaps in just a few seconds to perfectly choose frames. Other than the TimeShift, Priority Hub also can be seen as one of the changes in the devices. It collates all your notifications, emails and messages from the multiple accounts stored in your devices that will furthermore sort attachments and data if you love to have it by date wise. What opens the interest of most in the market is the fact that notifications are now being modified for an easier usage. Say for instance with regards to BBM. You will no longer be needed to go and open BBM to send messages. An icon shown even on the locked screen can be used to directly access the app and right away do the messaging. Less hassle, fast work. Another “eye-catching” feature on it is the battery life. An outstanding 2880 mAh powered the device that would absolutely keep you from using all throughout the day with open applications like facebook, twitter and even you web browsing activities. Other noted specifications are that it runs in the recent Blackberry 10.2 version of the operating system and a 1.7 GHz processor, 4G LTE support with an internal memory of 16 GB and a 2 GB RAM. It has NFC support and has a Bluetooth 4.0.

            Z30 in the market is ultimately a catch on the new features along with the service usage. It doesn’t come in a waste of time to take a look on what it has in store for a user. According to some reviews online, Z30 by far is the superior best model blackberry has ever released.

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