Perfumes in Dubai UAE

Perfumes are the lovable products which can be gifted to any people. There are many varieties of perfumes those are manufactured in many ways; some are for young, some for mature, some for special occasion and some for daily use.

More than 100+ top branded perfumes at lowest price from the largest online store. Few of the top branded perfumes are explained below. It includes both best perfumes for men and best perfumes for women;

Calvin Klein Perfume

The new Calvin Klein perfume is manufactured in a way which produces summer fragrance. The vibrant fragrance from Klein is really cool and refreshes our mind. Usually it is made with watermelon and brushed leaves which are naturally cooling also it has an ingredient of watery green aromas of cucumber, Water lily, Caraway and Water Mint which makes you cool all time even in summer.

Hugo Boss Perfume

Hugo Boss, an energizing perfume which is mainly made for men. It’s a classic aromatic perfume for men. It is a fresh and sensual traditional scent that has stood out during all test of time. It is flavored with lavender, lemon, coriander, jasmine, caraway, lily and rose.

Jaguar Perfume

It’s the apt choice for both men and women. Ivory edition is one of the popular perfumes in jaguar which is a modern feminine floral fruity creation. And for the men evolution it arrives in flacon form as the classic edition. It released purple edition exclusively for women which gives out an elegant fragrance.

Ferrari Perfume

Along with awesome products Ferrari step forwarded to manufacture perfumes. It gives out fragrance that inspires fascination and desire. Ferrari Extreme by Ferrari is an Aromatic fragrance for men which cost just 75 AED in our store.



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