If you are one who loves spice and jet by means of vibrant colors to sport the wrist watch, that way Casio G-Shock watches are all set to entice you in a glimpse. From vibrant colors to rock steady look, these watches are surely an encounter with something that isn’t bizarre but predictably happening. This spell, catch up with the trendy cuts and hues of G shock that can add viciousness to any dress or look preferably when you are in a mood to rock hard.


Casio G shock is a brand manufactured under the renowned legacy of Casio. These watches are famed due to the shock resistance that is hard knocks and vibrations. The form is actually pretty known as gravitational Shock. These watches have been designed to woo the sports, military, adventurous activities inducing a timer, stopwatch and light. These watches are water-resistance.

The first G-shock was introduced way back in April 1983 with the model names DW-5000C. It was designed by an engineer working for the Casio with the concept that it holds a 10 year battery life with water resistant bar. The watch was manufactured and tested numerous times before it came out in the market. Sooner it was the talk of the town globally with customers willing to grab the look handy.

The shock resistant has 10 layers protecting the quartz, its time and the mechanism. With the ‘floating module’ and mineral glass crystal it has been designed with rubber bumper protection layered to support the gaps within. Additionally and followed subsequently the casio watches came up with bulky design and functions. In 1991, a proper launch had taken place to actually introduce the quantify superiority of the G-shock watches by Casio.

By 1998, around 19 million G-shocks had been sold worldwide. Therefore there were 200 new models released that year alone. Now this is indubitably ‘history’ to be encountered for a deluxe watch brand.

In today’s time, Casio G-shock have maintained the class and excellence since the first came up. It continues to accept and stand by the challenges coming forward under this label with an extension served at par excellence from the past decades. The funky colors that were introduced later after the black were just thrilling to choose from. Not just sporty watch lovers but even the kids had fallen for it.

The design has been pretty balancing for a sporty yet chic look. If you aren’t in to vivid colors, you may choose from the sober ones designed to perfection. The robust styling and automatic attraction comes from the design. If you reside in the UAE, make sure to shop online at CrazyDeals with casio G-shock price . Ready to make a difference? Here you go! SHOCK it out!


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