Women have a sense of much more developed sense of smell than men. They can for example distinguish the ingredients of a meal just by feeling, while men are much more likely to eat it. This particular sense of women is indeed a great opportunity for men in the sense that they can easily get attractive with them by adopting likely to affect their sensitivity fragrance.

But, the big problem of men in fragrance, is that they think most of the time make the right choice, unaware that they may get caught in the trap by advertising uproars or their own inclinations that are perhaps not wiser, especially if their main purpose is to seduce a woman. But here comes the catch- Chanel offers irresistible fragrances for women.


Even if there is no fragrance that is likely to appeal to everyone, Chanel in this case for all women is still deemed to be highly appreciated by most of them. We invite you to discover the top perfumes from Chanel that constitute a real weapon of seduction.

If you do a great and good choice while selecting the gift for your perfume and expensive approach, then you will be able to make a place in their heart, but unfortunately if you get it wrong, then you will be accused of buying something wrong for one who very much love you.


The magnificence of Chanel 

Not all perfumes may bear the name of Chanel, and yes, it means that there are no other scents that smell as Chanel; as well as the number of sales. According to Amazon, these are the top 10 most popular Chanel perfumes available for you to try. These scents are for men and women so that everyone can feel good and they have all the delicate woody fragrance for ladies and freshness for men.


  • Allure Homme Sport Chanel for Men

Five years after the launch of the famous Allure Homme, Chanel presented in 2004 Allure Homme Sport, a fresher version more invigorating perfume. This highlights water notes and aldehydes mixed with woody and spicy scents that blend into the sensual notes of white musk, tonka bean and amber. Sport as its additive may suggest, this fragrance is a symbol of virility that blends all times an element of sensuality.

Allure Homme Sport Chanel Eau Extreme Eau De Toilette Spray is manly and clean, with a hint of sensual heat-ness is what you get when you put on Allure for men. It combines mandarin fragrance, cypress, sage and mint. These fragrances are complemented by a sandalwood base, musk, cedar and even tonka beans to ensure that it remains virile.


  • Chanel Bleu 

Chanel Bleu De Chanel Paris Eau de Toilette Spray is another men’s fragrance combines freshness and dynamism in a bottle. It has a unique woody scent that is crowned with a hint of citrus in a very bold way that will appeal to many men and women who love them. It is best worn by a man who is confident in himself both during the working stage of the day and a night on the town.


  • Black Coco Chanel Paris

This darling Chanel fragrance for women is a subtle blend of Bourbon vanilla and sandalwood. It is the mark of the Chanel signature for women who want to enjoy a fresh and sweet scent of the inside and outside. It is ideal for day and night wear. Are you ready to stand class apart? Looking for an ideal night out fragrance? This is the one by Chanel. All you men out there, gift your lady a Coco!


  • Chance by Chanel

When we think of Chanel, one thinks of a house renowned for its elegance and quality research (regardless of income) who knows how to create each time a scent you love (even if we do not adopt!). Chance is a fine mix of white musk, hyacinth, pink pepper, jasmine and iris. It is a bouquet redolent of sunny days, even in winter. What also confirms Valerie Vaillancourt: “I love Chance, Chanel. A real holiday feeling!” So all you exotic lovers out there- take Chance! The outlandish fragrance is one of the most distinctive and inspiring blends ready to provoke your inner soul.


  • ALLURE of Chanel

Coco Chanel said: “A woman should wear perfume wherever she expects to be kissed.” And it seems that Chanel fragrances have been created for this purpose. The famous house has always surrounded himself with the best perfumers, who composed for her sweet jewelry that delight women wherever they are. She took the nickname “Coco” and to this day is called Coco Chanel.

Allure for women is a woody fragrance and sensual with notes of vanilla, magnolia, honeysuckle and water lily. The expressed exclamation marks show how much we love Chanel.


The lure of Chanel fragrances

It is only in 1921 that she entered the world of perfumes and created the henceforth famous and most popular of all fragrances Chanel No. 5. It was such a success that Chanel is go to extend its activity, which now includes shoes, bags, costume jewelry and much more fashion items.

Chanel outlines fragrances in their purest state, fastest and most advance product.  Chanel No. 5 is the iconic fragrance of time that hits the mark for any women out there! If she wants something rich and satisfying- Chanel No. 5 is there! Women are never really intense, prolonged cold, which requires a very dense and very hard fragrance which would be warmed by the body and hair. Thanks to Chanel on enlightening about the perception of the image age of this perfume.  It’s all about the smell, and the labels and perfume bottles designs are cute as pie!

  • Coco is spice and sugar, but Coco Black is lighter, more floral, and different because of the geranium.
  • Chance Chanel is beachy.The quality of the formula ensures the therapeutic qualities of lavender in Caldey Island are in full force, and to provide a stress-free for the day or evening, everyone should possess that scent to feel good, as needed.