Genuine leather or precious fabric, mini pouch or XXL bag, straight handles or relaxed chain, boxy or drawstrings. Because the bags are rich in stylistic variants, we present the various models classified in the hit parade of the collections fall-winter 2016-2017.


Edgy style!


There a messenger bag with bohemian tones, not far away, a trapezoid bag, rock-inspired, discreetly studded bottom, jewelry, wallets, tote oversize and a flood of seal bags. Focus on our selection fall-winter 2016-2017.

Seal bags

If the bag seal displays a swollen shape, recognizable at first glance, it is declined to infinity to better distinguish itself: trimmed with fringes in Code, wisely studded with Tomasini, trimmed with fur at Sha’Cha. Oh, how to be spoiled for choice?

Micro bags


The flagship model of the season, the small bags version featherweight weigh heavily in the 2016-2017 collections: mini satchel arch-structured in Mackage clasp which distorts a lock at Nat & Nin and well-rounded small bag in Mansur Gavriel. To wear shoulder-to-shoulder to remain serene, mind and hands-free.


A basic great night that contains the bare minimum to unload maximum style: blue Plexi material and trimmed clasp colorful beads at Charlotte Olympia , printed “Carretto” hand painted and inlaid crystal Dolce & Gabbana. While the pocket Prada gives the airs of the small treasure box.

Fancy bags


This season, the brands are showing stylistic mischief by daring the accumulation of wacky motifs: wild animals at Paul & Joe, corner looks at Lollipops. While the Cosmo Paris model presents a robotic fancies. Isn’t it all amusing? You got to be ostentatious!

How about Backpacks for office?

Revamped and corrected by the creators, the backpack becomes a sophisticated and sophisticated fashion accessory. An easy trend to adopt for shoppers without delay. This is certain: when we say we “backpack”, we do not immediately think” It- bag”.  And yet, it could well become the must-have bag of autumn-winter 2016-2017.


Spotted on the back of the mannequins in the marathon of parades, the backpack is, gently but surely, mounted in grade with smooth leather and minimalist design to become an accessory (almost) like the others.  Since then, the luxury brands not hesitating to offer their iconic bags in a backpack version of the most audacious. Stubbornly chic and practical, the backpack seems, therefore, against expectation, to be the one we need.


Woo for Barters or Purse


With its quasi-geometric curves and its palette of colors often illuminated, the pouch, small leather goods with festive connotation, leaves the stilted evenings to show the open day.  Initially reserved for the big evenings, the little pocket now seeks to flee the stylistic worlds to better show itself in the open day. Let’s check out the following models captured on the runaway!

The cover for all


A regular on the red carpet and other street-styles of Fashion Week , the sophisticated wallet, more familiar to the crackling flashes at daylight, contains the bare minimum to offer us a condensed elegance that enhances to any outfit or fashion attire.

The cover in the autumn-winter collections

A diversion of style that is unanimous among the fashioners. Well stuck under the arm or carried by the hand, the air of nothing, in the same way as a purse (oversize), we find it adorned with a precious chain Michael Kors.

 With what to wear the cover?


It all depends on the wallet. If a flaky pattern and / or covered with sequins fuels your lusts of clothing, then it is better to avoid the dresses to spare the total-look disco queen. Instead, opt for the simplicity of a jean, temperance of a shirt, or even a little black dress more classic. Conversely, the pocket bag, minimalist inflection, plays the perfect linings of the handbag, matching with almost all the variants of the locker room.

Envious Beach Bags

An unstoppable accessory of the seaside trips, the beach bag relays the “it-bag” for a summer. Thus, shopping bags, seal bags, and other backpacks, is adorned with a resolute summer look to better make a place in the sun.


Each summer, the beach bag resumes service after long months of vacation: whether it is cotton, canvas, wicker or straw, the latter is prepared to face the warm rays of the sun, to support the trickling fabric and push the tiniest grains of sand.


Oscillating between a bohemian charms, a rustic elegance or navy posture, pick up your beach bag and dresses tropical patterns at & other stories. In terms of shapes, the beach bag, in a cabs style, is undoubtedly a sure bet: true to itself at Vera Moda, modernized with fringes at Saint Laurent or adorned with borders at Mango.


As for the colors, we alternate between the neutral tenderness of the wicker – enhanced with comic punchlines at Banana Moon and Galeries Lafayette – and the clash patterns of ethnic prints with accents. On another tone: the ultra-marine blue bags are a steady pick. Perfectly in the mood. It only remains to fit in your bag survival kit including swimsuit, sunglasses, accessories, sunblock etc. it is relaxation combined with style.

Eternal Love for leather

Revisited in a thousand ways by the creators of fashion, the leather bag, hegemonic tote, dominates by its omnipresence in the world of leather goods. Classy models spotted in the fall-winter 2016-2017 collections.


Unlike bags of cotton, nylon, and leather, which last only one season, the leather bag defies fleeting and collections through the years of the near-timeless way. Classical among the classics, this indispensable accessory, recognizable at first glance, is constantly reinterpreted without even needing to change skin. Choose a variety of models:

Leather seal bag


If it keeps its original shape, the sealed bag , made of extremely soft leather, multiplies variations of style: ultra-minimalist confining itself of a knot.

The leather bowling bag


Immediately identifiable to its rectangular base and its rounded shapes, the leather bag bowling version is comparable to peers seal the bags and satchels other issue sophistication: equipped with a stone handle ultra-fine details with straps and metallic rings and a sober rusty leather elegance at Bimba Lola.

Leather briefcase bag


No need to go to school to wander around town with a satchel bag. And for good reason, the creators have pitched its formal side to better get him out of the student frame: less serious than it appears in APC with its gleaming leather and eye-catching clasp, accessorized keychains fantasies and charms.