Because there are more than adult tablets, here is a comparison and our opinion to choose a touch pad for your child. Without further delay here is our comparative table of the tablets for children available for this year 2017.

We selected these tablets compared to those that are found in the biggest distribution. We cannot include all the shelves of all brands, as some of them are almost identical. Note that this year, the models have not been much renewed. We found a significant price decrease on most models.

Classic tablets or tablets dedicated to children?

Considering the price and functionality, one wonders if it is wise to buy a tablet dedicated to children or if a “classic” model can be quite suitable. There are no good or bad answers but here are some tracks and elements to take into account to make your choice.

  • V-tech Storio

The novelty of the year is the touch pad Storio MAX. With a 7-inch HD multitouch display, it offers a brand new design. Specially designed for children, it is shockproof and offers secure internet access. It also features a 2-Mpx rotating camera, which makes a camera, but incorporates several functions like an MP3 player, a video player, or a reader.

Its Internet access is completely secure and gives access to the websites pre-selected by V-tech. The Kid Connect option allows the child to send photos, messages, and drawings to his or her parents’ smartphone. The tablet can also be connected to the TV to view photos and videos on the big screen.

In the Storio range, you will also find the Storio 3 model, which is an educational tablet for children from 3 to 9 years old. It includes 15 applications and games including a digital book reader, an educational games console with a motion sensor, studio drawings and coloring, a 2 MP camera, photo album, music player. It has a tough touch screen, as well as a directional pad and allows a child-friendly grip. More than 2000 applications can be downloaded online. It is compatible with PC and Mac, it offers an internal memory of 2 GB extensible up to 32 GB via MicroSD.

  • Tablet Gulli

The Gulli tablets were launched by the television channel of the same name. They are aimed at children from 3 years old. Gulli only offers the Gulli Motion 2, a 7-inch tablet. Several things seem interesting to us on this tablet. The first is the ability to really switch between an interface for your child and a classic Android interface that will suit adults better.

Parental control is also quite advanced with the ability to create 8 user accounts with different rights. It is possible to define time slots in which the child may or may not use the tablet or the maximum usage times (different for each user). The Gulli tablet offers secure Internet access for the child, thanks to the Kurio Genius filtering system, set to protect the child. However, parents will be able to extend the connection to additional sites as the child grows up.

  • LeapPad 3x Tablet

Designed for children ages 3 to 9, this touch pad is secure, robust and educational. It offers 15 integrated applications and educational games approved by education experts.

Shockproof, it is completely secure and allows access to more than 1000 videos, photos, and games. Specially designed for children, it offers all the functionality of an adult tablet.

  • LeapPad 2 Tablet

LeapPad still offers its model LeapPad 2. For children from 4 to 9 years old, it has some advantages for her. You have to be objective, the children take it in hand rather quickly. It has a simplified interface, “applications to download”, and in its promises “learn” reading, Writing, mathematics, and “discovering the world” through playful videos, with added parental control to prevent our dear toddlers from falling into things they should not see at their age.

In parental control, it simply does not have Wi-Fi, Internet browsing or SD port, thus avoiding any contact with the outside. This is undeniable: it avoids the bad surprises even if this limits at the same time the possibilities of the tablet in terms of evolution.



The “big” shelves for your child:

So between the tablets really thought for children (but not very evaluative) and the false-good ideas not adapted to the children, is there no other possibilities in recycling tablets for adults for our dear ones? Round the issue with three tracks.

  • IPad mini

The Apple tablet may well be a target for children, with a true promise of evolution while combining a parental control ersatz.

Indeed, the tablet possesses for her (and for the public that we evoke here) some advantages for her:

  • A size more suitable for children,
  • A lower price than her big sister (first price at 339 €),
  • Parameters allowing to obtain a security almost equivalent to the tablets children.

As for the security, as mentioned above, the iPad allows to configure the first level of control ( Settings -> General -> Enable restrictions ), which allows using a password to disable the applications which could lead Your children to unsuitable menus. We advise you in this case to supplicate YouTube, Safari and download applications. Then you just have to install the applications you want for your daughter or son. Finally, think of an accessory protecting the tablet of the small one, it will avoid you bad surprises in case of brutal shocks. This is one of the defects of the tablets thought for the adult: they are rather fragile and can break after a small fall.

  • Fire from Amazon

The Amazon Fire is an extremely affordable table. It is also very powerful with multi-user options combining advanced security settings. Thus, thanks to Free Time (the parental control in question), you can define for each member of the family: who can do what and for how long.

Moreover, the 7 ” format corresponds much better to a grip by a child than to a 10″ tablet heavier and less manageable. The Amazon tablet will guarantee you (as for the iPad for that matter) a real scalability according to the age of your child, with contents rich, sometimes free, or really inexpensive.


You will understand, there are pros and cons in each solution. Children’s shelves are more economical but will likely have a shorter lifespan (in terms of evolution). It is also a turnkey solution with pre-installed applications and a simple parental control to manage. An asset if you do not know anything about it. They are also designed to withstand shocks. Note that models like the Gulli or the Lexibook Junior / Master are closer to adult models.

Adult shelves will be a little more expensive but will offer much more important development prospects. You will find as many see more applications for your children but it will be necessary to put minimum hands in the settings of your tablet. Indeed they are often delivered empty of content, without parental control configured. Regarding this last point, if the tablet does not offer any control system, you will find dedicated apps on the Google Play Store or on the App Store. Last point to consider, the fragility of these machines. Unlike children’s shelves, conventional shelves are not particularly designed to withstand shocks. It is imperative to equip you as a protective accessory.