We declare its crazy out there in the era of sassy Smart phones. You remember the film “Back to the Future”? In the 2nd film, the hero, Marty Mcfly, found himself propelled through time, from 1985 to 2015. A jump of thirty years which enabled him to glimpse a future that is now our reality! Although it is not yet moving in ironing flying wheels and our shoelaces does not attach themselves, say that recent years have nevertheless gave beautiful pierced side technology!

Take his office emails while we are not, share a photo of our vacation a few seconds after taking it, read the newspaper on a Smartphone during a bus ride, have access at all times to our media accounts social, to our favorite songs or weather, it is not a miracle nor a prediction derived from a science fiction film of the 80s, this is our reality. Would it not a ubiquity? Hence we at CrazyDeals splash the Mobile Mania for our beloved customers. First, thanks to the availability of mobile devices that can easily lug around and through Wi-Fi technology and mobile standards (3G, 4G) to access the Internet anywhere and anytime! Gone are the days when a thread connecting us to our computer and the Internet made us hermit to fix our live screen of our basement. And we will certainly not complain!

It is undeniable, the population makes great use of mobility and it is an integral part of our lives. It does not go six months without a manufacturer does not put on the market a new device. The imminent Mobile Mania is also an opportunity for many to buy this type of product and if the trend continues, the number of owners and hottest brands: Apple, HTC, Samsung, Sony, BlackBerry, Huawei, Motorola, Nokia and Google prolong to boost in the coming months.

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