You all know the Google cardboard which is a virtual reality cardboard helmet in which you need to put your smartphone. The VR BOX is a bit the same but instead of the cardboard, you have a real nice helmet that is comfortable with a nice finish.


Ideally find virtual reality movies on the Internet and apps on the Apple Store or Google Play. Let yourself be tempted in Hollywood movies and television shows, suspense, science fiction, action, thriller.


The surface of these 3D VR glasses is matte and it also uses a high definition optical resin lenses. Three adjustable straps can distract some of the pressure from the bridge of the nose, super-faced protective face, and comfortable design.


This VR BOX helmet is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) which makes it fairly solid.  It is composed of several pieces that separate to put your smartphone and that also allows you to clean the lenses of the helmet.

VR BOX dismantled

Besides, you will also find in the box the accessories to clean the VR BOX and therefore the lenses. This helmet is extremely comfortable so that it can be used without hurting itself.

Firstly at the level of the eyes and the face, there is a big protection to avoid to hurt especially if you keep the helmet long on oneself. At the level of the head, it is also comfortable with a foam that relieves the back of the head.


Above the head, you have a small tissue strap that does not hurt. Besides, this protection is really excellent. The lenses are adjustable via buttons on the top of the helmet. It is you who will adapt your vision via its buttons.


Then you have to download a software on the Apple store or the Play store. Either the official software just downloads on the official URL or you will find full (applications or games or movies) on the official stores. Simply type VR or Google cardboard on the blinds to find the games.


  • To put your smartphone, just pull on the front of the headset to pull out a piece.
  • Then you must insert your phone by lifting a piece of plastic that will come to tighten on your smartphone so that it does not slip.
  • To use this headset VR BOX, it is necessary to have a smartphone turning under IOS or on Android whose size is included in 4.7 inches and 6 inches.


  • Then just add a headset (not required) to perfect the immersion.
  • The best is to use one that has a noise reduction as on the BOSE QuietComfort.

Smartphone turned into virtual reality viewer

Enjoy your own portable IMAX Theater more convenient than 3D viewing glasses and better than Google carton.


Revel in the RV world. Watch 3D movies and play games while implantation, standing, lying on the porch, at home, office, travel, beach, plane. 360-degree virtual experience. This headphone VR BOX is really a very good surprise to start well in virtual reality.

Fit For More Device:


  • Compatible with Android and iPhone screen devices from 4.0 to 5.7 inches (Note: Smartphone 4.7-5.5 inches would get the best visual effect.)
  • Virtual reality-based 3D environment.
  • Based 360-degree rotation Gyro-meter.
  • Available in Dual Mode (VR mode and non VR mode)
  • High-resolution realistic graphics.
  • Beautiful dynamic environment.
  • No time limit, and unlimited gaming pleasure.
  • Compatible with virtual reality glasses such as Google carton VR and 4DUD or other VR headsets.

3D Vision Reality:


By positioning the viewing angles of both your eyes and tech 3D flash, you will see the immersive virtual reality in 3D to the lens.

Lenses protecting the eyes:


8-layer nano coating lenses to reduce 90% of the radiation from phones screens and harmful blue light reflection, we have done the best to ensure your long-term enjoyment.

Adjustable Pulse & Focal Distance:


Turn the top dial to set the pupil distance from 55mm to 75mm; Turn the side knobs to adjust the focal length while you are wearing.

Waterproof Excellent:


Suitable for swimming, surfing or diving (up to one hour and less than 30 meters). 6-axis sensor (3D gyro + 3D accelerometer): It makes the bracelet more intelligent, sensitive and efficient.

Full viewing screen:

Data display: time and date, the number of steps, calories, sleep time etc. .; Touch screen, ultra-sensitive to control. Solid product and resistant to high temperature.


Compatible with more than 200 different models of smartphones or tablets Android 4.3+, IOS 7.0+ or Bluetooth 4.0+.



It allows precise step counting and tracking of several types of sports: Bicycle, Jumping rope, jumping jack, sit ups, running treadmill etc. Multifunction: Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, Calories Calculator, Alarm Clock, Notification SMS Apps Whatsapp Apps Facebook Twitter Skype etc, Anti-loss, Photo & Video Remote.

Stylish appearance:

Unlike other sets of Google printed cardboard and alternative cards, our carton upgrade kit is well designed and super precise of the printed machine.

This VR BOX helmet is revolutionary technology!

Transform your Smartphone into a virtual reality screen. You can experience the immersive, fun and exciting world of virtual reality. Fly over the Grand Canyon, play 3D games, stroll the streets of Paris or become an animated film character.


VR is comfortable, with three adjustable straps that reduce the pressure on the nose, protective foam for the face, ideal for dissipating heat. No need to make optical adjustments – specially designed lenses do not require any adjustment and the compartment is also large enough for most sunglasses. Place the phone in the holding slot, that’s all. Click to pay the lowest price via flash sale”.