There are many marketing options and strategies through which you can boost sales of your products, content or services.


Besides traditional advertising campaigns (such as the placement of online banner ads), the e-commerce domain can allow you to attract the attention of customers through specific means of the Web.


Web marketing includes several central components like optimization for search engines, online shops or even social networking and affiliate marketing.

Who Should Use the Digital Web Marketing Guide?

This guide is for everyone, from the inexperienced beginner who wants to know more about the basics of Web marketing to qualified professionals. The guide offers relevant content to optimize your online sales.


The main concerned are the actors of Web marketing, online merchants or those who aspire to become.


Small and medium-sized companies also have to win, and can find valuable help to start e-commerce or improve their marketing strategy, with articles such as “create your online shop: tips to mount your Business plan “or for example” the key factors of success in Web marketing “.

Structure of the Digital Guide on Web Marketing

Alongside the basics of Web marketing, you will also find ideas and suggestions for improvement for your online store.


Regarding the section on “social media”, many topics are discussed, ranging from how to build customer loyalty to the development of campaigns, especially on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram …).


The “Search Engine Marketing” (SEM) section exposes everything you need to know about SEO and search engine advertising (SEA), as well as tips on software, tools and How to proceed in this area.


The “Web analysis” section represents the fourth and last subcategory. The goal is to learn how to use tools that help manage visitor flow and site statistics like Google Analytics.