Choosing a wedding dress can be awkward when one misses some details of paramount importance. Do not start too fast without thinking about the noticeable details that can quickly make cheap on a wedding dress. You want to be the most beautiful in the wedding dress of your dreams? Yes! Depending on your body type, it is the cuts that will benefit especially you and others to avoid at all costs. Small, plump, square, flat? Avoid wrong notes and you won’t be able to find the wedding dress of your dreams.


Wedding Dress For A Petite Woman

If you make less than a meter sixty, romantic crinoline wedding dress close to the body or the empire wedding dress – with size in the chest and bottom of the flowing dress – suit you perfectly. Well proportioned, you dare glamor of a sheath wedding dress. For more elegance, with an opening at the back, but be careful not to bring up the rear bend your knee.


  • The ideal:A smooth and elongated to make you look tall. The princess wedding dress is the perfect illustration: without separation at the waist, this dress married the shoulders and chest and then flares out slightly at the bottom.
  • To avoid:frou-frou, forms too large or bulky.


 How about the customary white wedding dress?


Tradition has it that the wedding dress is white but the result can give a kitsch look and too showy! The pristine white becomes unspoiled especially if it is a white satin too. Play with white tones and away you flashy style with duller colors as a white wedding dress ivory or sandblasted. And why not a pastel version of pink or green? If your wedding dress is a pure white, garnish with embroidery or accessories in dark colors to qualify the outfit.


  • The chic style

From left to right: bride in white / off-white dress is an ideal choice.

  • 100% lace wedding dress


Noble and delicate lace to create a romantic look! But too much lace can be risky and turn to the effect of “whipped”. Lace remains a detail that may appear only on the sleeves, the veil or the neckline. If the lace dress is all dress, choose a shade of white sand, not exactly white on white.

How about A colorful wedding dress?


Despite a predominantly white wedding dress, the color will prompt more on bridal dresses. Venturing into the color is a daring choice that can take away the unique charm of the wedding dress. To avoid too much effect and give a discreet touch of color, use a satin belt that will highlight your waist and make a point of that color on an accessory, or on the bridal bouquet. However nobody can stop you break the barriers if you really want to! We suggest why not try something oozy bright instead of the pristine shade of white. What say?

Don’t Forget The Accessory Too

Supplementing your wedding outfit with accessories should be done sparingly. The accessories used to advantage to embellish a clean and simple wedding dress. If the dress is already very sophisticated, accessory too quickly you can turn into spoiled princess! Color is one that can be a good dare as well as gear up the contrasting tones. From belts to broches, flowers to pendants or trinkets. It’s never enough for a gal to accessorize.  Chic studded upbeat hair clips any?


If you choose to wear a veil, use a short form if your dress is already loaded. Also avoid the complete set (bracelet, necklace, earrings, and ring). Select one or two of the same mind. Respect above all the style of the dress! For example a wreath for a bohemian or a satin ribbon in the hair for a more retro wedding dress. And if you wish to put up the contemporary bow, how about pinching in a bit of red?

And what about the cutting of the wedding dress?

The classic wedding dresses as mermaid or empire shape revisit with more modern forms. You can be attracted to a more original cut as the asymmetrical shape. But too cut line will more easily than a conventional model. The effect is not far! How about sheath dress? We see it elegant adding ooze of panache.


Cuts or slits are always overwhelming. If you want to create volume and a dreamy effect, cutting diagonally across multiple fabrics offer a nice balance and a clear square cut! A slot on the side offer a more chic and mysterious look a cut on front. Falling for the princess gowns? Or the one Kate Middleton wore?

A size too tight for your wedding dress?


Even if a dress is expensive, it must be adapted to your body. Take care not to mold your figure unless you have the model size! You will gain in comfort and style! Too structured materials such as taffeta strong risk bound you. Stay chic by being comfortable in your shape. No need to exaggerate. Orient yourself to fluid fabrics that rush silhouette as silk, satin or crepe that rhyme with flexibility and lightness. Also make sure you can walk at ease. They will give the outfit to dress and follow your movements with grace!

A wedding dress without (much) flourishes


Ruffles, bows, flowers, ribbons … a wedding dress with too many “frills” give effect as too embellished and doesn’t qualify! For a slim silhouette and not meringue, prefer a cascade cut for frills and ribbons and a matte shade. Embroidery or beads possibly some more beautifully enhance your outfit. The fantasies as nodes or flowers take a more refined twist as an accessory on the wrist, in the hair or size. After all, too much of anything isn’t good to taste!

Not Too Sexy Wedding Gown


Scoop neckline, mini skirt or corset may entice you but also serve you. The combination of the three gives you the palm of the vulgar! If you want to be sexy without being vulgar, suggest and unveil a small part. You can just go strapless or little backless. If you decide to find your legs, you can embellish the neckline and arms or lace back for a sexy but elegant effect. A low neck top or a corset dress so is not recommended for large breasts. For a chic and sexy look, a retro, square neckline flatters ideally upper body! Otherwise, choose the neckline on the back for a sensual elegance. Rest it’s up to the level of comforts that you dream of at the wedding day. Happy wedding spree!