Crazydeals proudly provides the below amazing 5 offers. The main mission of the below offers is to make our customers happy and satisfy since we think our customers are special to us.

1.  Craze of the day

deals in uae

This is the offer which happens every day. Each day you can get any kind of product up to 60 percent reduction. You can order any day and can save your money immediately.

2.  Flash Sale

Flash Sale in UAE

Flash sale is the deal which doesn’t have particular time it might get over either in 2 hours or it may extend up to 2 days or even more. Depending on the product you will get a discount of up to 40 percent. Check out the flash sale often and get your lucky discounted product before the deal gets over.

3.  Clearance sale

clearance sale in uae


Clearance sale is the final sale of every product if you missed out on your favorite product in any other deal you can enjoy buying in this sale. You can get these products from 30 percent up to 60 percent off.

4.  99 Super Sale

products under 99 aed in uae

This is really a super sale which offers all products under 99 AED. In this sale you don’t want to worry about the time since no particular time is fixed rather you need to worry about other customers because they may grab your desire product before you do.

5.  The Real WOW Factor

wow factor in uae

Last but not least this is the deal which makes you feel really wow. This offer persists often where you can get the costliest product at cheaper price. When the deal avails you need to visit craze of the day page and wait for the deals to be active. Usually this deal will be conducted between 12pm to 2pm on the assigned day. When the day is fixed it will announced through our official crazydeal website also via crazydeals facebook page.

Be aware of all offers on Crazydeals and enjoy all genuine products at cheaper price.