Electronics in UAE at lowest price

The three most persisting smart electronics in every home are camera, laptop and Television. The presence of these electronics became mandatory for upcoming generations. We crazydeals the best online store in UAE are happy to sell all these smart electronics at cheapest price.

Cameras in UAE









Camera is one of the electronic devices where we can shoot and share our precious moments instantly.

Some brand smart cameras has excellent wireless feature where we can upload photos over any social media sites right from our device immediately after capturing images.


Few features of smart cameras;

  • Advanced Lighting feature leads to good illumination.
  •  Zooms wide longer than any normal camera.
  • The smart cameras can function as like mobile phones since it comes with SIM slot.


We sell smart cameras in UAE of all major brands like Samsung, Canon, Nikon, Power, Genius and Sony

Laptops in UAE











Laptops are other important electronic devices for corporate, of course it supports a lot even to college and school students. They are portable which can be accessed anywhere and anytime. It is more convenient than any desktops.

Few advantages of laptops;

  • Portability.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Covers less space in your room and very handy.

For more satisfaction among customers’ crazydeals sell several brand of laptops in UAE like HP, Belkin, Acer, Dell, Asus, Apple, Lenovo, Bluelounge and Sony.

Televisions in UAE


Though television device has constrained in package and transferring we happily do home delivery to all crazydeal customers since we consider our customers are special to us.

Like Cameras and Laptops smart televisions can also be connected to internet and like desktops it has multiple USB ports we can access all kind of social medias via any kind of smart televisions. It comes with inbuilt processor and operating systems where we can download or upload any of our stuffs to use it.


Few impressive things of smart televisions are;

  • Huge screen gives us home theater experience.
  • Automatic notifications of IM like Skype even during telecast of programs.
  • Full HD LED feature leads to stunning clarity which helps us avoiding eye sight problems.


We have smart televisions in UAE of all top brands like Samsung, Apple, LG and Hisense.

All UAE people can enjoy shopping electronics in UAE from Crazydeals at cheapest price also you can enjoy free shipping for orders more than 200 AED.