Xiaomi in China enthusiastically took the opportunity to present a new phone positioned on the high-end, the highly anticipated Xiaomi Redmi Pro. If it is provided with neat finishes, it is also endowed with a solid technical sheet and it will additionally be offered at a very attractive price.

The terminal is equipped with a metallic shell cut in a single block of aluminum. It comes in three colors, and more precisely in white, silver, and gold. All the buttons are grouped on the right side with, from top to bottom, the two volume buttons and the power button.

 The Xiaomi Redmi Pro comes in two versions and in four colors

Xiaomi also integrated a fourth button below the screen. It conceals a fingerprint reader and it is framed by two other buttons, capacitive this time. The Redmi Pro is equipped with two photo modules placed at the back, modules aligned on a vertical axis. They frame the double LED Flash. No laser autofocus program on the other hand and it’s pretty shame.

The slab of the device is covered by a slightly curved protective glass, a bit like the case on the iPhone 6s and on the Sony Xperia X. The effect seems successful. The data sheet of the terminal is not left either.

The Redmi Pro is equipped with a 5.5-inch OLED display capable of displaying a definition in full HD 1080p, and thus the 1920 x 1080. Behind, there will be a SoC Helio X20 or X25 depending on the versions, With 3 or 4 GB of RAM in addition.

An honest technical data sheet and neat finishes

The storage space will reach 64GB for the base model and the premium version will go even further with no less than 128GB of internal memory. On the photo side, the main sensor displays 13 million pixels and this is an IMX258.

The second is satisfied with a definition of 5 million pixels and it will mainly take care of calculating the depth of field. This configuration is therefore quite similar to that of the HTC M8.

Xiaomi has placed another sensor of 5 million pixels in front, for selfies. There, the terminal is also entitled to 4G (the bands are not yet known), WiFi 802.11 AC, Bluetooth and a 4,050 mAh battery, with a USB Type-C port.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro: the first smartphone dual camera of the brand

Xiaomi held a press conference today to introduce new devices. The Mi Notebook Air, a laptop competing with the MacBook Air, and the Redmi Pro, the first smartphone of the brand with a double rear sensor, were unveiled. Xiaomi has finally formalized its Redmi Pro, a new smartphone with impressive features and a dual photo module. An ad that does not go unnoticed, as is often the case with the Chinese manufacturer.

Three very different models

The Redmi Pro is available in three distinct variants, with a different processor, RAM and storage space. Thus, the cheapest model is equipped with an Helio X20, while the other two embed an Helio X25. On board, these smartphones are 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage, 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage and finally 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage respectively.

For the rest of the features, it remains overall in the classical with a 5.5-inch Full HD OLED screen covered with a 2.5D coating, a brushed aluminum design, a 4050 mAh battery, a fingerprint sensor on the front And a USB Type-C port. The OLED screen is not designed by Samsung or LG, but by two Chinese companies: BOE and EverDisplay.

Two sensors for twice as beautiful photos?

As usual for its top-of-the-range terminals, Xiaomi has focused on the photo part, especially its dual camera with a 13-megapixel camera (Sony IMX258) and a 5 megapixel Samsung sensor Capture depth information. The whole thing is processed by a dedicated ImagiQ processor to better manage the depth of field and thus offer a bookeh able to compete with professional cameras – according to Xiaomi.

You probably remember the very nice Redmi Note 3, the last “flagship low-cost” of the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. The excellent sales of this model have obviously not prevented the Chinese giant from engaging with a new smartphone targeting yet a very wide target. With his Redmi Pro, Xiaomi makes a bold move.

Very elegant, the Redmi Pro is above all a more modern version of the Redmi Note 3, which stands out from the other models of the brand by some of its innovative features. For example, the fingerprint sensor on the smartphone is located in the front, at the same location as the Home button. The microUSB connector is replaced with a reversible C type USB connector and offers better transfer rates. More interesting, the new smartphone from Xiaomi really gives a feeling of solidity once in hand with its brushed metal shell.

The Redmi Pro is entitled to a superb OLED screen

Gamers will not be disappointed either, as Xiaomi’s new smartphone comes with the new Mediatek Helio X20 deca-core processor, backed by 3 GB of RAM. With such power, you will easily run all the apps in the Play Store, and get good performance on games requiring strong graphics resources.

Some jerks will, however, come to disrupt your parts on games like Asphalt 8 or Modern Combat 5, but nothing very villain. However, it is especially at the level of photography that the smartphone of Xiaomi impresses. Its dual back sensor is a serious selling point for this model.

The fingerprint sensor was repatriated to the front of the smartphone

Another very good surprise, the battery life of the smartphone is above average. With its 4.000mAh battery, the Redmi Pro easily holds a big day without needing to be recharged. Those who use only a few features of their phone will manage to hold up to two days in a row without difficulty.

Best of all, the addition of the USB-type C port allows you to introduce a fast charging system that allows you to recharge your smartphone to almost 50% in just 30 minutes – super convenient!

For the rest, there is a very effective overlay – modeled on Apple – a dual SIM port, as is often the case on Xiaomi smartphones, as well as a memory card reader. Only flat, the smartphone does not support the 800 MHz frequencies, which means it is not compatible with all 4G networks.