From generation to generation, the components of smartphones evolve towards more power, megapixel, configuration, etc. However, the audio seems often forgotten. However, even if it is rarely as put forward that the other features of our mobile phones, this does not prevent certain smartphones to be particularly effective when it comes to substitute for a music player. Let’s have a look at the best at the moment.

ukWhether you are a real enthusiast or simply a music lover, now the main media listening is the smartphone. True audiophiles always opt for other high-end products made by experts. But for most users, the iPod and other readers are over. The main support is the smartphone.

We talk little and yet, for some users the audio quality of a smartphone is an essential item. Whether the speakers, headphones provided, or just the sound processing, these elements are key to many consumers. We are used to highlight the processors, monitors the quality of cameras, but some models are distinguished by their ability to offer incomparable sound quality. Ideal for listening to music. Until now we were missed, it’s time to catch up.


The champions

Sony, has not failed to amaze with its famous Walkman brand by presenting a true music player: the NW-ZX2. However, still the quality of the smartphone has grown steadily in recent years.

Still, the audio quality of smartphones has grown steadily in recent years. This development however it is sufficient to compete with the best players of the market? Let’s start reviewing the most recent phones to listen to music:

What matters?

If smartphones are sometimes surprised by their quality audio performance, the best of them are still below the level of a good player. If we created an ideal smartphone combining the best characteristics measured in our lab, we get a theoretical headphone would happen just to match that of a good player. The uncompressed audio files read formats are surprisingly varied (FLAC, AIFF, WAV, etc.), but again, for reasons of cost and space – smartphones already include a processor, a display, a photo sensor and all electronics dedicated to the operation of the device outside of the audio – it is not possible to associate a high fly converter.

jerhgurthgThe players fully commit to the sound performance

This question is still one-sided! But, we noted in recent times, with the iPhone 6/6 + or even the Huawei Ascend Mate 7, real efforts to improve the audio quality of their models, with performance in terms of power, distortion, crosstalk ( separation of left / right channels) and dynamic (difference between the loudest sounds and the quietest ones) well above average.

  • IPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

Both Apple iPhone denier, 6 and 6 Plus offer made identical audio, and are excellent. They have an excellent power, combined with a very good dynamic. The distortion is minimal (0.004%) and allows you to enjoy the power of the device without affecting the signal. The power of the latter is also very good and offers a respectable stereo sound.

  • Huawei Ascend Mate 7

Huawei PHABLET has a very good headphone output without blemish. It thus offers a great power, a faithful reproduction and a very low distortion. In addition, this release sees a great stereo and a good momentum. In contrast, much less one appreciates rendering its single speaker, located on the lower part of the back cover, which delivers a very average, despite its power. Indeed, it returns a busy midrange frequency and bass signal is non-existent: this report is however best if you disable the function DTS during playback.

  • fgkjSamsung Galaxy Alpha

This smartphone offers excellent headphone output: almost perfect sound reproduction combined with excellent power. In addition, the terminal takes advantage of a very good dynamic and wide stereo. Finally, the distortion is very low (0.006%) and allows to enjoy a quality signal even at high volume. These results are very similar to the iPhone 6 and 6 plus evoked a little lower.

  • HTC Desire Eye

On the audio side, if facing BoomSound is enabled, the headphone output of the Desire Eye is very powerful, coupled with very low distortion. The dynamics are good and allow pianissimo as the strong to speak freely. However, the stereo part that’s another story, the results show that the sound is monaural; in highly altered frequency. But if you disable facing BoomSound, there is a faithful reproduction of the signal, a good stereo image and even greater momentum. However, some power is lost.

  • Sony Xperia: High level

 The Sony Xperia is known for its expertise in music. The Japanese giant has long been a reference, and it continues to be among audiophiles. With Xperia Z5, the manufacturer offers a smartphone with almost invisible speakers, housed between the screen and the surrounding metal of the unit on the front. Yet this does not stop sending sound remarkable. To offer a sound of such quality, Sony has equipped its Xperia Z5 a Qualcomm processor with WCD9330 Audio codec. Result, an amazing audio quality certainly serious somewhat limited (even with headphones) to limit saturation.

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge- excellent audio

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones on the market are simply fabulous in many ways. If they are not the best on the audio, they are still among the elite. No stereo for both models with a single speaker sound quality but still appealing. The sound is clear even if the volume is high.

But what surprises most is the sound quality with headphones. If in themselves they are not great, the sound that emerges is simply explosive. Thank you the Exynos processor.

  • ruiotgrthLG G5: a module on top! 

The LG G4 appeared last year among the best smartphones on the market for audio quality. It cannot be said about the LG G5 in its standard version.  And among the modules, there is one that works wonders: the audio DAC module. Designed in partnership with one of the most recognized brands in the audio market: Bang & Olufsen. The result is somewhat surprising. It clearly recognizes the sound of the high-end brand to the delight of the ears. With good headphones or good headphones, it’s pure pleasure.