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Blackberry device made its first appearance on the market way back 1999. They have started with an email pager and later on have done the latest release on their newest models such as Z10, Q5 and Q10 on January and May of this year, respectively. It mostly featured a physical qwerty or virtual keyboard  with multi- touch feature on the latest released once.

            As once labeled as the “Global Leader” on smartphones, the company has been so aggressive in generating newer ideas for some other alternatives to bombard the competition in the market from their Apple and Android devices opponents. Reports stated that some of the ways they were looking into, is the partnership or joint ventures as options. Press released news pointing out that the company’s stocks had bloated from 6.8 % to $10.42 in the premarket trading last Monday.  It just somehow proves that despite the collapsed market share, the time iPhone and some other Samsung models  with Google android was introduced in the market, still paved its way to a raise in the market sales. With regards to the reported loss in the market sales it was rumored that the company has lost with the approximate estimate of $84 M last year and have made some layoffs.

One example to quote when company had fallen was the picture right after Apple had introduced the iPad on the market, Blackberry countered it by their Playbook but have it proven a failure when it started becoming a fast moving device. It turned out that gadget lovers didn’t bother to spend a single penny on it and have instead devoted their craze on iPad.

The company’s biggest investor, Prem Watsa, reportedly said that he still believes in Blackberry and that would still be a “big supporter” of the company’s CEO, Thorsten Heins, but it might takes 3 to 5 years before Blackberry can revived itself around.

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