Initially implanted to decrease the weight of the Facebook application on Android, Messenger proves to be very practical by offering a full messaging service with many possibilities. Discover 5 tips to make the most of Facebook Messenger.

1. Disable Alert Notifications
In a multi-party conversation, you may be flooded with notifications occurring on each participant’s message. These alert notifications are handy, except when the conversation does not interest you to the point of not losing a crumb. To remedy this, you just have to disable these notifications without having to leave the conversation.

• To do this, simply go to the Messenger home page.
• Select the tab for multiple conversations (the second one from the left).
• Choose the conversation that is bothering you and open the options by pressing the three vertical dots at the top right.
• One of the options is simply to disable notifications.
• You can also disable all Messenger notifications.
• All you need to do is to open the general options menu by pressing the gear icon on the application’s home page.
• Go to “Sounds & Notifications”, and drag the slider at the top right of the page that opens “No”.

2 – Make a voice call on Facebook Messenger
Despite their usefulness, voice calls offered free on Messenger are little used. To take advantage of this, simply select the phone icon in the upper right corner of a conversation window.

3 – Taking and sending a picture directly in a conversation

This convenient feature allows you to take a photo on the fly and share it directly with your interlocutor.
• Simply press the camera icon at the bottom of the screen.
• A frame opens and displays the front or rear camera object.
• You can extend this frame to full screen with the icon on the left.

• To take and send the photo, press the arrow in the middle of the screen.
• To send a photo from the gallery, simply select the following icon, in the form of a postcard.

4 – Send a huge thumbs up
The thumb-shaped button at the bottom right-hand corner allows you to express precisely how much you approve or “like” what your interlocutor says. Indeed, a simple pressure will send a small thumb, while keeping this button pressed will make it bigger. Well, the interest is somewhat limited, but a thumbs up is always encouraging is not it?

5 – Communicate your location directly
If you want, you can activate the geolocation of Facebook Messenger to communicate your position in real time to your contact.
• To do this, check or uncheck the “Location” box in the Messenger general settings (the icon in the form of a cog in the home page).

• In the same way, if your caller has activated this option, you can check his location by pressing the message of your choice in the conversation and the details tab.

 Facebook Hello turns your Android smartphone into Facebook Phone

This is news that should delight those who spend their days with Facebook open constantly. It is now possible to use the power of the social network to make phone calls or receive them. With Facebook Hello, this is the second time that Facebook is embarking on this kind of adventure.

So what can Facebook play?

After launching an Android launcher (Facebook Home) that took place directly on the smartphone screen just like the usual overlays, the most used social network in the world is back On Android smartphones with Facebook Hello. It should be said that meanwhile Facebook projects around the smartphone have somewhat deflated since Facebook Home has disappeared and that the services have ended up being broken into several applications. So it is not the return to Facebook Home that introduced and launched in the wake Wednesday to the press the social network, but indeed a new service.

You will have understood, we think, that to be able to use this new functionality one must be a subscriber to the social network, otherwise it has no interest. In addition to the photo of your correspondent, Facebook Hello is capable of much more, such as displaying information about your contact, blocking a number with a click or even looking for the number of a merchant or a professional directly from the dialer “Without having to go through an online search service like Google Maps.

A sober “dialer” with the colors of the social network
You will also understand that Facebook Hello wants to make calls more user-friendly and easier to pass. At the start of the application, you will have to associate the “dialer” with your Facebook account which will import your contacts (count 15 seconds to import 2,000 contacts). If the calls always pass through the GSM network, Facebook Hello will search the network for information such as the geographical location of your contact, or even his birthday, which he will display in real time.

Finally, it will be possible to display the history of its calls via this interface which takes again the blue color of the social network that is at the origin. The application is already available on the Google Play Store, but if you’re on iOS, do not expect to see this program since Apple does not allow access to its dialer.

Facebook Hello will be deployed only under Android a priori
If Facebook Hello does not revolutionize the way to make phone calls, it will certainly be a popular app for those who have made Facebook the nerve center of their social life.