Fashion bracelets – something every girl needs. Because really, massive necklace requires a simple outfit, extravagant earrings – special event. So, exactly bracelet – is absolutely essential and versatile adornment. And especially for the spring season 2017.

  1. Gilded Floral Pattern

What do you associate with the spring season? Of course, flowers! And if they are executed in a very distinctive style – this is a more ambiguous. The avant-garde and minimalism have reached the Van Cleef & Arpels range.

Casual jewelry from this jewelry house, as a rule, do not differ with simple and pure lines. Yes, even small patterned details are accepted to build a cult, but fashion goes up. The Frivole collection, inspired by the jewelry motifs of the 70s, is experiencing a very geometrical renaissance. And because of the minimum number of gemstones, these bracelets are one of the most affordable ways to start wearing jewelry from the legendary VCA brand right now.

  1. Metal with large stones

The trends of spring 2017 will also create demand for fashion accessories such as metal fashion bracelets with large stones. They hide defects of the wrist, making it feminine and elegant. So after all the emphasis is on femininity, but not the fragile.

These smooth cuffs were made from smooth brass and finished with a natural, semi-precious stones that are best illustrated with shorter lengths of sleeves.

  1. Logomania

Fans of Louis Vuitton fashion brand are so happy because of the fact that Logomania came out of shame and returned to fashion. It seems that during this spring even stopping snobs will think about self-expression with the help of logos of brands.

Quote from the new Logomania LV collection, Blossom BB, is the simplest way to make a small fragment of the gem, set in gold and placed on a recognizable fine string. This year, Louis Vuitton has expanded the palette of semi-precious stones and added a tiny diamond to each fashion bracelet.

  1. Unisex and men’s jewelry

The unisex fashion bracelets for 2017 are mainly made of silver and leather. And this trend is more related to men’s fashion bracelets. Yes, we rarely speak enough about men jewelry, but at this time has come the time. The bracelets of these men are not only fashionable, they will become a must-have accessory in men’s spring wardrobe. What can we say – leather and silver is a really masculine combination of materials. This accessory is suitable for any style and mood.


You can say that it does not look like unisex, and I’ll tell you that fashion is unpredictable and dangerous! Large shaped bracelets but elegant leather flowers are presented by Salvatore Ferragamo fashion brand. Stylists of a fashion house combined in a leather flower bracelet and sprawling metallic element.

  1. Massive and giant

The bracelets in spring 2017 season also succumbed to the brutal style – now they look like a wide metal or leather handcuffs. In addition, it becomes important to wear many bracelets at once, on the one hand, or on both hands simultaneously.

The slave bands, connected by rings, are also very relevant. In addition, the antique bracelets for the arm, in the area of a forearm gain a massive popularity among fashion jewelry spring 2017.

  1. Ethnic and Old

The bracelets, stylized as old national jewelry are particularly relevant: Indian- patterned embossing, Greek silver weaving, Turkish stone framing. Supporting the African ethnic theme in outfits and accessories is one of the most common trends of spring 2017.

Therefore, such jewelry truly breathes with warmth and sunbathing. Pale wood fashion bracelets are the main emphasis of the new season as well as the same necklaces. It should be noted that such jewelry should be worn with absolutely monochrome clothing, which would also suit you perfectly.

  1. All kinds of chains

Chains are incredibly popular accessories in the new spring season 2017. You can meet them as handles for fashionable handbags, and as suspensions and pendants, and even to create bracelets. Fashion brand Lanvin offers fashion bracelets made of fine chains that cover the entire arm.

The fashion house Hermes uses a chain with a large element, complemented by a heavy suspension in the form of geometric keys or figures. Chain bracelet in gold and decorated with the logo of the brand Dior looks very elegant. Bracelets made of fine gold chains could be found in the latest collections of Versace and Chloe.

  1. The Pandora style

Recently, this jewelry like Pandora fashion bracelets has become very popular. Here are the most unusual bracelets with charms. They have a unique character – here you can find a variety of pendants in the shape of flowers, animals, fairytale characters.

Charms on the bracelet can be removed, rearranged or even replaced – it all depends entirely on your imagination and inspiration!

  1. The Boho style

In addition, the choice of accessories depends on your taste and style. However, the modern girl tries to follow the trend of fashion trends. We should note that in spring 2017 boho style season remains particularly popular.

In spring 2017 season, the main things in jewelry are the grandeur and the natural. And the perfect style of Boho supports this trend, so it does not contradict the fashion rules and makes the picture exceptionally interesting. A key focus is on your hands.

Recommendations from stylists:

For this reason, professional stylists, while creating images, focus solely on hands. First, you can choose a thin collar as a companion or supplement your bracelets almost without anything. By the way, “massive” – does not mean “rough”. Particularly relevant for the spring season 2017 are fashion bracelets with massive stones. The bracelet with a stone can be a combination with a T-shirt or with sheath dresses. They are universal.

The more – the better. Also, do not forget to put a lot of fashion bracelets. And one more experience – try to combine silver and gold. Also, the ladies should maintain the trend of concise watches and bracelets. And try to avoid mind-blowing decor and pathos. Eventually, it’s just a clean face with arrows. They do not even have pedometers or extra buttons. The maximum you can see – is the logo of a manufacturer. Moreover, their exterior simplicity hides some incredible chic.