What chassis the term as “iconic”? It’s the odyssey of chic yet distinctive style. A starry collection to offer, or to add to your own wish list, to give a pinch of dream. Subtly twisted on the catwalks of fall-winter 2016-2017 shows, this classic Parisian sheds its classicism. A new vintage charm falsely, as borrowed to better mix the graphic design of a new guard of increasingly inspired jewelry by Cartier.

Hoisted to the rank of royal finery in antiquity or leased by Coco Chanel for their essential simplicity; is today in Japan that cultured pearls “Mikimoto” pearl. It is to reinvent the dream. You bet pearls are extraordinary iconic adornments.

Dream Come True: Fire Opal- Iconic Mexican Rock!

Intriguing and mysterious, the opal stone fascinates, firstly because of the multitude of colors and bursts it may have, but also because it remains difficult to identify stone by scientists and gemologists. This is probably one of the few gemstones that is still under consideration and subject to propositions to understand the chemical composition and granular, explain its light effects and its mechanism of formation.

The fire opal is remarkable among all the opals in color from yellow to dark red almost orange. Mexico is the main producer of fire opal, found in volcanic regions. Opal is an emblematic stone of Mexico as it was already used by the Aztecs with jade and turquoise for making symbolic artifacts and jewelry.


This photo shows the rich variety of colors that can take opals from Mexico, among the opals of this photo can be found three types of opals used in jewelry: common opals, fire opals and opals noble characterized by their games lights.

The Water stones

The water stone is different from other gemstones in two major points: it is not a crystal and has no precise color. It is an amorphous silica or low crystallinity which contains water. Besides the formula of its chemical composition: SiO2, nH2O clearly shows that the water content is highly variable, it can range from 1 to 21% for extreme values and is between 4 and 10% in general. The water content can be an important factor in its appearance.

Discovering the garnet jewel of Perpignan


In the Catalan families, the tradition is that every mother passing her daughter Garnet of Perpignan. The cross-kids, with its articulated bottom, and marquise ring, are thus for over 250 years the two most iconic jewelry Catalan culture and heritage. And if today the twenty jewelers who continues the tradition carries more contemporary designs with a stone extracted now Madagascar, garnet Perpignan remains firmly rooted in local history through manufacturing techniques unchanged since the late nineteenth century. It’s a symbol of royalty and candor.




Cartier LOVE bracelet, created in 1969 in New York by Aldo Cipullo, is a universal symbol of love and commitment. This iconic piece of jewelry, known for its inlaid patterns of screw heads, closes the wrist using a special screwdriver gold, which will be entrusted to the care of your loved one. The model is a modern reinterpretation of medieval chastity belt and the house Cartier quickly understood the hype around the jewelry.


The product launch was accompanied by a special policy: one could not buy LOVE bracelet for yourself! Quickly, many celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Nancy and Frank Sinatra or May Britt and Sammy Davis Jr. started wearing this beautiful proof of love. Today, the list continues with Barbara Streisand, Diana Ross, Jane Seymour, Lionel Ritchie, Elton John, Sofia Coppola and Eva Mendes.

All fashioned in yellow, pink and white, consisting of various widths rushes, this classic is set with white diamonds and gets along well with any outfit. To complete its most romantic collection, the jewelry house extends its range with a series of rings in the same aesthetic. The LOVE BY CARTIER collection is one of the must-have of the Cartier house, with 165 years of expertise, stands out among the major luxury watchmakers. So, how far would you go for LOVE?

Tiffany Love

The culture like no longer sufficient to Tiffany: amid some rock chords, the legendary jewelry house advocates the passage to the next level of chicness. #LoveNotLike, the new digital campaign has the merit of being clear!


The goal: make the staging of new pieces from the collection Return To Tiffany Love. With love for watchword. “We live in a culture of” like “, but for Tiffany & Co. the ‘like’ is not enough. #LoveNotLike. Remember that love is an attitude, it’s something that continues and is celebrated “describes Diana Hong, Vice President Digital Marketing Tiffany & Co.


Return To Tiffany Love thus wants an iconic collection made of symbols – beauty, optimism and love, these values so dear to the factory. Today, the new collection launched in May 2016 therefore includes the legacy Tiffany, posing, unpretentious, as the guardian of human relationships. Thus, the iconic heart plate has been reinvented here, or rather thrust into a more energetic universe: white gold and 18K rose, heart Tiffany also flows into money – on bracelets with bold lines, parts remember that love is present all around us … And share probably makes the world better! A campaign to discover now on social networks.


The Jewels Of The World

Let’s complete the reading of a literary saga that may sometimes cause a slight twinge of regret that is quickly consuming passion with which the pages were paraded. But do not panic, for the most passionate of you, many ‘iconic’ jewels inspired by popular literature success will allow you to plunge into the world of your favorite novels.

Curious for these emblematic charms?

What’s better than to devour an exciting book? A passion that can persist even after completing it and stored in your library. Harry Potter, JK Rowling in Iron Throne, George RR Martin through The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien, there are countless great popular success. For the most passionate of you, many essential and emblematic objects were created, like the jewelry that will remind you the unique world of your favorite novels. Let’s fall back to fantasizing!

Necklace “The Hobbit”


Necklace Time Turner Hermione (Harry Potter)


Necklace Arwen (Lord of the Rings)


Ring “The Wizard of Oz”


Ear ring “Game of Thrones”


Door Knocker “Labyrinth”


Earrings “The Lord of the Rings”


Ring “Platform 9 3/4” (Harry Potter)


Necklace “The Clockwork Orange”


Necklace “Game of Thrones”


Necklace “Jane Eyre”


Necklace “On the Road”


Ring “Alice in Wonderland”


Brush collar “Harry Potter”


Necklace “The Little Prince”


Necklace “Maleficent”


Ring “Chronicles of Narnia”


Necklace “Mary Poppins”


Collier Green Paper “The Hobbit”


Tattoo necklace “Divergent”


Necklace “The Secret Garden”


Necklace “Orphans of the kingdom”