Finish Giant Nokia Announces To Relaunch Its Brand In 2017

According to a Microsoft executive, HMD could get out of dumbphones under the Nokia brand for the end of 2016 but also for 2017 smartphones. After having sold its mobile phone branch to Microsoft in September 2013 for 5.4 billion euros, the Finnish relaunches its brand thanks to a compatriot.


Here we go again!

Nokia returns to mobile with smartphones, tablets, and basic mobile phones. The first terminals are likely to be launched in 2017, although no date has been officially given. They will be equipped with Android, the operating system of Google. Manufactured in China, they should also be “developed in Finland”, in the land of the former star of the mobile.


The return of the Finnish, which had a time of more than 40% market share in mobile, was expected almost after the divestiture of its division dedicated to terminals to Microsoft in 2013 for 5.4 billion euros. It is now done. Nokia does not launch directly however, it entrusts the license of its brand to HDM a young Finnish company, created for the occasion.

Whopping $ 500 million over three years

The story has almost everything of a family affair. HDM will be chaired by Art Nummelan, former and current boss of Nokia’s Mobile division of Microsoft for Asia. At the same time, the US group will divest its mobile division (the phones, as opposed to smartphones) including assembly lines, to FIH Mobile Limited, a subsidiary of subcontractor Foxconn, which works for most Big names in electronics. FIH will be responsible for the production of smartphones and tablets of the Nokia brand.


HDM has already announced that it will invest $ 500 million over the next three years to relaunch the Nokia brand in the smartphone market. Nokia is not listed on its capital but should have a seat on its board of directors.

 A bitter memory of the experience with Microsoft

Microsoft retains its side brand Lumia (which had been launched by Nokia before 2013) for its smartphones. At the time of the redemption, the American had bought this mark and simply the right to use this name of Nokia the time to dispose of the stocks of the phone that still bore it.

 The emblematic brand, therefore, returns to Finland


The Finns have kept a bitter memory of their experience with Microsoft and especially with the Windows Phone, which had accelerated the fall of Nokia in the mobile telephony. With this announcement, Nokia hopes to capitalize on its brand and seduces the many consumers who have retained a positive memory of their experience with their old phones, such as the famous 3310. The brand license is operated by its Nokia Tech division, the second branch of Group after the activities of equipment manufacturer telecom.

Who can release a Nokia mobile?

To understand, let’s go back a little time. Since May 2016, Microsoft no longer holds Nokia’s mobile business. The Nokia and Lumia brands coupled with the Windows ecosystem did not achieve the expected success. This year’s Global HMD which bought Nokia this activity for a good ten years. Microsoft also sold the production facilities and distribution FIH Mobile, sub-division of Foxconn, which should ensure the production of mobile future.

Four Android-powered devices

Ready to witness? The two smartphones will be sold in the course of 2017 and that two dumb phones are expected before the end of 2016. James Rutherford, CEO of the mobile division of Microsoft Asia Pacific states that:

“HMD Global plans to launch two new products in the fourth quarter of 2016 and at least two smartphones at the beginning of the second quarter of 2017.”


According to previous reports, the smartphone should be Android, certainly with the Z launcher of Nokia. Microsoft had already been able to experience in 2014 on the Nokia X.  It should be the same for future phones by this year end. 

The return of Nokia

Nokia has not manufactured smartphones for a few years, but the Finnish company is not dead. Currently, it develops networks, owns patents and sells its brand. The brand is still well established among consumers. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular in the area. The return of Nokia could delight more than one.

Newly Nokia launched the preparations for the design of a new mobile phone that it hopes to launch at the end of 2016 and which will mark its great return on a market that it had to abandon in 2013.

We wish a lucky strike to Nokia and look forward to welcoming the new models in 2017.