Do words such as ‘megapixels’, ‘RAM’ and ‘aluminum’ make you feel excited? So this corner of the information is for you. Below you will find a selection of the best smartphones we’ve seen in this year 2016, from the most beautiful to the most innovative screens, and more.

Before we dive into this selection, this is the place to go if you are looking for a new smartphone and want expert advice. Indeed, some smartphones of this selection are not necessarily the ‘best’ of the corner. But they offer something different, enough to enable them to stand out. That’s why we put a spotlight on them. Let’s go!


The Samsung galaxy S7 edge is the perfect smartphone to which we put our eyes or our hands. For starters, it is superb. In the second you enter it, you will be captivated by its curves and its curved screen, as well as by its design of metal and glass.

It not only looks great – it has a powerful power under the hood, with a processor made in Samsung Exynos and 4 GB of RAM for a fast and smooth experience. Add to that the best camera tested, and you’ve got a wonder.


LG has watched all the other smartphones on the market this year to produce a single terminal with the G5: a phone with a metal body with a removable battery and a micro-SD slot – the two Holy Grail pillars for power users Android from around the world. The secret of the LG G5 is hidden in its hidden battery compartment.

This allows it to be used with other LG modules, including a grip for the camera – the LG Cam Plus – and an excellent analog-to-digital converter (the LG Hi-Fi Plus), which boosts your music when you move. It is also very advanced in terms of photography, with two excellent main sensors – one being designed for very wide angle shots. We want more innovations like that, please.


If we forget the name, we must give credit to Apple for its iPhone 2016 non-flagship. While the iPhone 7 is still waiting to be truly unveiled (we will have to wait until September), the iPhone SE  has delighted us of its miniature presence in March, going against the current through the implantation of the same internal elements to the ‘iPhone 6S in this body strongly resembling that of an iPhone 5S.

And the result is a powerful phone with a very nice 4 “screen, giving fans of reduced gadgets the taste of a flagship at a reasonable price (for Apple).


The HTC 10 looks great. Fans of the company’s previous flagships will recognize the DNA of the design of the M7 flaming and these brothers, the M8 and M9. But the 10 surpasses them all with its simple, minimalist style and soft curves.

Aside from being a spectacular metallic beauty, the HTC 10 has everything you could hope to have with a smartphone of choice. An excellent camera, a detailed screen, a battery of two days, all for a smartphone in any point successful and attractive.


The price tag of the Moto G4 Plus will not drain your wallet, but that does not mean that you will have a trash product for this price. Its 5.5 “full HD screen is crisp and punchy, ideal for video games, and its Glance display – which displays the clock automatically when you grab it – is handy to pretend you have magical powers.

To this is added a great camera (especially for this price), performances removed and a relatively free Android version and you have there a real deal.


This all-metal beast signed Huawei displays a 6 “direct screen in your retinas. It is an ideal choice for surfing the web or breaking candy without having to ruin your eyes. Its large size also translates into a long battery life, making it one of the most powerful smartphones.

A sturdy camera and amazingly good speakers finish it all in beauty. But the wide screen and long autonomy are the real criteria that make this model apart.


Let’s start with the most amazing: the price. The OnePlus 3 is priced at 1,299 AED. And if it does not transcend you more than that, know that it offers performances of very first order for this price. In spite of its price half that of the Samsung Galaxy Edge it offers a rare power on the market thanks to its Snapdragon 820 processor and its 6 GB of RAM.

Its camera is also excellent, providing an optical image stabilizer for clear shots in dark conditions. Its 5.5 “1080p screen may not be a 2K pixel slab, but your eyes will not notice it at a reasonable distance. It also features a fingerprint sensor and intelligent software to top it all off. Too bad, however, that its design is not- oh wait, there is no compromise at this level either: it is made of a solid aluminum and looks like a flagship in every way at twice its price. Impressive. Really.