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How to look chic in flashy shoes

Bringing color is not so difficult. And once launched, you will fall for the taste of flashy colors ranging from accessories, attire and also shoes. For what is fashion if not a harmonious combination of cuts and colors? Be careful to involve flashy colors to avoid fashion faux pas and not look like a Christmas tree.

How to look chic in flashy shoes

Blondes and porcelain complexions can linger on the fuchsia or electric blue as the cheerleader Hayden Pannetiere in the series “Heroes”. Consider choosing colors bringing out the color of your eyes or your hair. The brown and olive complexions have less problem to choose from the available palette, and will dare the Canary particularly fond Jessica Alba. But beware, we avoid the play Gabrielle Solis in Desperate Housewives, as if it has good on colors, the pace should remain sober, minimalist and structured silhouette.


The less courageous, or those who think that the color does not flatter their figure, may opt for a total black look and accessorize with a colorful bag and blue lacquer, red and purple for example. Red or yellow shoes on black opaque tights for this winter are also an upscale alternative. Sporting opt for New Balance fuchsia or yellow colored vests. And be flashy into your accessories with a colorful watch or fluorescent bracelets.


If the pastel will be the big trend of the summer, it is not about the pop shoes hanging in the cupboard. Here are some fashion tips to align your heels color block your style. The winter off slowly, it has emerged the small jackets and tidy fur gloves and hats. We want to color, a ray of sunshine in our holding together the return of good weather. To bring spring in our dressing smoothly, we stay sober clothes aside and coward on accessories. Lemon yellow bag, pink scarf and especially flashy shoes deliciously pop, one cheek color bock in the details!

The color block

Who said color block does not necessarily mean look like a clown? No it isn’t the story anyway! So we put on a sober outfit, dark or light (beige is welcome if it is associated with a fluorescent orange accessory) depending on the time or moment. Thus, for a work day, you can splurge on jeans that looks washed out that one associates with a nice pair of bright orange shoes, electric blue, pink pop.


It adds a loose t-shirt, jacket boyfriend and a bag just as colorful as our flashy shoes but in a different tone. Make-up side, you can bet on a red pop lips to harmonize the whole. The night we authorize a rock look by combining your little black dress, perfecto, low heels or boots and bright fluorescent jacket.

Clashing colors 

For the more adventurous who want to play the color block to bottom, here are some small tips welcome:


  • There must be minimum two strong pieces.For example, put on a pink chinos or slim Malabar and royal blue shoes.
  • We can mix powdered color, pastel see with a nice bright tone.This style will allow you to be more in the trend of the season. Example: a soft yellow fluid dress and orange sandals.
  • The color block for shoes should especially not be a subject to our belt or any other accessories or clothing!Thus, tangerine heels will agree with turquoise jeans and red blood bag.

How to wear neon flashy shoes

Sometimes fashion comes from the street and goes to the designers. Such was the case for the fluorescent mode. First acclaimed by vintage crazy eighties, worn key or total look, fluo invested gradually the closets of some fashionistas.


Adidas jackets Klein blue, colorful sneakers, the K-way Castelbajac or the T-shirts completely for the evenings are so colorful, yet they became basic. Then, Celine, Fendi, Prada and others have gotten in for the winter. The fluorescent gained ground. But how to wear it without looking too much? How to manage the neon when you go to work? Answer: by touch.

The fluorescent moderation

If you wear neon flashy shoes, give them to a beige dress / cream / gray, short to a sober outfit. A neon green jacket is perfect with jeans crude flare and a white shirt; an orange dress in the style with black Repetto ballet flats or a top with pink sequins with black jean shorts.  Remember that the neon is doing very well with dark colors and matte materials (thus exit the satin association).


For the evening, we avoid the total neon look!

In short, the neon goes to everyone, provided the break. It should avoid the total look for seeming to have escaped from a cartoon. But you are round, thin, large or small, everyone can afford! This summer neon flash comes in shoes absolutely perfect for the day (Prada, Fendi, Chanel, Zara), as well as clothing (Paul & Joe, Castelbajac, Naf Naf …).


How to wear bright colors with flashy shoes?

First, we must define what is meant here by bright colors: these colors that come out of basic menswear (remember: gray, black, blue, brown, beige, white) and are particularly showy. You will see, in the case of shoes we have chosen to wrap up this chic yet flashy look for a guy to carry without any fear of making a faux pas.


As a strong room, a bright color should be mitigated by the choice of the rest of the outfit. Normally, it would also socks that make it all a little more discreet. You can smoothen up the jacket which is then calmed by the gray-blue color of the pants. But you may know, this color term rule is seldom respected, and you can see more at Exit parades, composed of many bright colors looks as if he absolutely had to notice. The black does not diminish at all the bright yellow trousers, quite the contrary. It is above all a matter of choice, but within the limits of good taste, opt generally for one piece of brightly colored outfit by (small reminders kinds buttonholes or watch does not count!).
You also need good basics for the men to flash up:


  • Neon shoes with gym trousers, perfect on go!
  • Play smart with a flashy bracelet in one hand.
  • How about neon sunglasses? Click? Woo!
  • Neon yellow pants with blue t-shirt, any?
  • Neon sky blue shirt with beige shorts?
  • A beautiful single blazer is always a good idea
  • A beautiful jacket immediately gives the poise, a certain charisma, a general appearance of a man.
  • A flash of shoes along a beige suit won’t do any harm.