If you want to save a website as PDF, there are several free solutions available to you. In addition to the various programs and web browsers add-ons, there are also several web applications that offer the ability to directly and individually convert Internet pages into a PDF (Portable Document Format).

Why register a website in PDF?

There are several situations where converting an HTML document to PDF can be useful: for example, when you want to save an article, a route, or any Web document so that you can view it later without an Internet connection.

What are the benefits of using a specific program to convert a website to PDF?

In fact, it is also possible to make it in the web browser by right-clicking and selecting “save page” or press [Ctrl] + [S].

In addition, there is in the browser the standard print function or the screenshot which also offers the option of saving to PDF. However, there are good reasons to use a specific program.

How to convert HTML text to PDF?

But even this program does not always produce a single document for a copy. Indeed, the quality of the conversion is mainly dependent on the content of each Web page. Complex websites with dynamic content may contain errors in the layout and may not always be completely correct.

Thus, these programs do not guarantee a perfect conversion of the original content into a PDF document. However, they remain the best free tools to convert an HTML document to PDF.

How to save a website as PDF with converter software

  • Nitro PDF reader: In addition to opening and editing PDFs, Nitro PDF can also convert many formats to PDF.

  • PDFCreator: software works like the Nitro PDF reader, you can also use the print function of your browser. In addition to PDF format, it is also suitable for conversion to other formats (PNG, JPG, etc.).

• 7-PDF Website Converter: simply add the URL into the free field of the program. Before starting the conversion, some configurations are available.

How to save a website in PDF format with your browser

• Save to PDF: This add-on is available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and allows the conversion of the website into a PDF document via these two browsers. Search the Chrome or Firefox add-on menu for the option “Save as PDF.” “After the installation, it is simply a click to save a website in PDF format.

  • Awesome Screenshot: This tool works on many browsers (Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox). In addition to converting HTML text to PDF, it offers users the ability to add comments and tags to the new document.

  • Firefox for Android: This allows users to create a PDF document of the website via Smartphone and Tablet.

  • Safari iOS: also allows via the menu to save in PDF format a website.

How to save a Web Site to PDF with an Application

  • Free HTML to PDF converter from Winnovative software: Winnovative is easy to use and delivers good results. With this application, you simply need to enter the URL of the website and respond to the Captcha request. You will then receive a link to download the file.

  • Online2pdf.com: this website is a little more complicated to use. With your browser, you must first save the website in the (XPS) format and then upload the file into the web application to convert it.