The early 1980s, the quartz crisis was in full swing in the world of watchmaking. Quartz watches have in a few years supplanted mechanical watches: they are more precise and offer more features than any mechanical watch.


Its fashion, everyone wants it. In addition, they are cheaper, less fragile and do not require revision. This technological turn, many missed it but Casio understood it. The Japanese giant has made its job.


In the CASIO world, you will discover the world of robust G-SHOCK watches. G-SHOCK stands for endurance, modern technology, and a sleek design. CASIO G-SHOCK watches guarantee the highest precision in extreme conditions.

Robust, varied in functionality and unique in design, these are the characteristics of CASIO G-SHOCK watches. Just nine years after releasing the first digital wristwatch on the market, the Japanese company CASIO introduced in 1983 the G-SHOCK watch, which revolutionized the watch market.

G-SHOCK innovation at par!

At the time, the engineer CASIO Kikuo had set himself the goal of developing a wristwatch, resistant to time. To meet the high demands of the designer, the new wristwatch had to satisfy the constraints of the “Triple 10” concept. According to this concept, the batteries had to have a lifetime of at least 10 years, the watch had to withstand falls of more than 10 meters and a hydrostatic pressure of more than 10 bars. At the same time, this new watch had to be multifunctional and seduce by its design. The result was the DW-5000C-1A, the first G-SHOCK emerging; G-SHOCK watches are now 30 years among the most known of the CASIO product lines.


The young customers were quickly enthusiastic about the innovative G-SHOCK and their exceptional properties, so G-SHOCK watches quickly became a cult status. Since CASIO has invested a lot to perfect the G-SHOCK, without renouncing the basic design.

Maximum protection thanks to resin cases and flexible bracelets

The classic case of the G-SHOCK consists of stainless steel and resin, a synthetic resin known for its durability and flexibility. This ensures maximum protection and makes the classic CASIO watch perfectly shock resistant. The same soft resin is also used in the manufacture of bracelets and serves as a shock absorber when falling.


At the same time, the length of the bracelet adapts to the width of the wrist and can change depending on the situation and the time of day. The protective cover is a mineral glass, scratch resistant. G-SHOCK watches have proved their worth even in the most extreme conditions and are the favorites of all those who are active and constantly on the move.

Innovative technology at the heart of G-SHOCK CASIO

Next to a pure digital watch, CASIO offers G-SHOCK with analogue-to-digital display in different versions: a classic black with a golden noble dial or more joyful colors such as bright red, orange or blue.  


G-SHOCK-CASIO watches do not only seduce by their absolute endurance and their marking style but also and above all by their sophisticated technology. The solar operation, reception of radio signals, electronic crown, and SMART ACCESS technology for a comfortable adjustment of the functions of the watch are just a few examples.

Wide selection of G-SHOCK watches

In our online shop you will be able to buy G-SHOCK watches, but also, under the heading watches / G-SHOCK, let you convince by the wide range of varied and innovative additional functions.


The History of G-Shock

At that time, Japanese construction workers were looking for a watch that could withstand the harsh conditions of their trade: blows, falls, debris, dust, etc. Traditional timepieces are too fragile. Casio then entrusted a mission to one of its best teams directed by the engineer and designer Kikuo Ibe, consisting of designing an unbreakable wristwatch. We are in 1981. They are aiming for a Triple 10 design: resistance to falls of 10 meters, a pressure of 10 bars and a life span of 10 years.


But this goal is very difficult and engineers quickly find themselves at an impasse. It was then that Kikuo Ibe, observing children playing ball in a park, realized one thing: no impact reaches the inside of a balloon.


He would then have the idea of designing a hollow structure in which the module would float. After more than 200 prototypes and numerous crash tests, the project finally came to fruition. We are in 1983, the first Gravitational Shock (G- Shock) was born!


Innovations Through Time

In the constant quest for innovation, the G-Shock department at Casio is renewed regularly by adding new functions. Here are the most important advances since 1983:


  • 1989 – AW-500: First analog and digital model resistant to shocks.
  • 1992 – DW-5900: First digital hard resin version.
  • 1993 – DW-6300: First version of dive resistant to a pressure of 20 bars.
  • 1995 – DW-8400: first model resistant to mud and dust.
  • 1996 – DW-5600E: a First model with electroluminescent backlight (LED).
  • 2001 – GW-200: a first model with a solar panel.


  • 2002 – GW-300: a first model with a radio-controlled solar cell.
  • 2007 – MRG-8000: the first watch combining a resin and titanium structure with DLC coating.
  • 2008 – GW-9200: first version equipped with an altimeter, barometer and temperature sensor.
  • 2010 – GW-3000: first watch resistant to gravitational force.
  • 2011 – MTG-1200: first model fully analog, radio-controlled and equipped with a solar cell.
  • 2012 – GB-6900: First model equipped with Bluetooth.

The Structure of a G-Shock 

  • The key lies in a hollow housing in which floats the movement, fixed at some points.
  • Each piece inside is reinforced with a damping material to avoid problems of operation or breakage in case of shock.


  • The protruding structure of the housing and the bezel provides protection in all directions, attenuating direct impacts on the buttons, the glass and the case back.
  • The part where the bracelet is fixed is bent so that the bracelet itself absorbs the blows, protecting at the same time the back of the case.


  • Since 2012, some models bearing the “Triple G Resist” label also resist centrifugal force and vibration.


  • And to go further, the brand introduced in 2013 a structure comprising an absorbent gel in the central portion of the case.


The look of G-Shock watches is radical. They cannot please everyone … they were not originally made for the average consumer.  In addition, there are so many models and colors available that you will not meet someone with the same every day.


People who love the outdoors or in unknown terrain will appreciate the digital compass, the altimeter, the built-in thermometer or the barometer. Athletes will be happy to use the stopwatch or speed display. CASIO G-SHOCK watches with Bluetooth technology crown all. In the Bluetooth category, you will find a series of G-SHOCK watches that can connect to a smartphone and display incoming messages and calls.


G-SHOCK CASIO watches are exactly what active people look for. Whether it is sportsmen, active or outdoor buffs, anyone planning to buy a G-SHOCK online will be sure to find their favorite model in the CASIO online store.