If you seize the bigger picture, this is what embraces you indubitably. During the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung introduced for the first time a somewhat different version of habits: the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has a curved screen, offering new features to an already strong Phablet. In quest of the differences and similarities between these two devices? The answer follows n stream!


The Galaxy Note is a variant of the Edge Note 4, few things are different in aesthetic terms: their backs are quite similar, with a plastic material like leather, nice enough on hand if somewhat more slippery than the Galaxy S5 example. At the front, staying in the similarities, we will find the same home button and a similar mic placement, power and volume buttons. In addition, each has an S Pen stylus Samsung usual rating for its series.

In terms of design, the large difference between the Note 4 and Edge will of course its curved screen: while the Note 4 screen guard all that is more normal, the right border of the Edge disappears to leave room for a new tranche of screen. In terms of dimensions, it will look in detail to really see the difference: the Edge is slightly lighter and smaller, but has a greater width than the rating 4.


If we look at the dimensions of the “classic” screen, you will notice no difference except the 0.1 inches between them: both say that these two qHD display (2560 x 1440 pixels) are quite similar. On the edge, the shield portion added is equivalent to 160 pixels, and acts as a second screen connected to the first, which plays a much smaller difference.


Note the Edge is quite similar in terms of system Note 4: everyone embarks Android 4.4.4 on board as well as the latest version of TouchWiz, similar to the one launched with the S5 Galaxy. Both have extra features dedicated S Pen Samsung had already improved for these functions and it is still going on to the next level with the generation 2014. The various tests will tell you more on recognition handwriting and others made by the Note 4 options.

When it comes to the software, the true difference between the Edge Rating 4 and comes back to the inclination of the screen. This part acts as a toolkit, so you can use it for various purposes, ranging from the notification bar to the shortcut bar, via a remote control when playing videos for example.

Performance margin:

In terms of performance, both hardware Note hold quite the same: everyone should give a fairly similar experience. During two current tests, no notices adjoin about any particular concern: the Note 4 Note as the Edge are very fast, and we have so far had no bugs or particular downturn.


Both sensors embedded in the Note 4 and Note Edge are exactly the same, and their interfaces. On occasion it gives more accurate results regarding the performance of the two cameras, especially in difficult lighting conditions.

Samsung has improved the camera function of its rating by two features: first OIS improved, which is welcome on a smartphone of its size. Then the front sensor provides wider selfies through “Wide Selfie” kind of view from the front camera.

Autonomy / Battery

This is a point (finally) different on the two phablettes Samsung: while the Note 4 carries a battery of 3220 mAh, the Edge Note has a slightly lower capacity (3000 mAh). The results are expected to stay in a good average, but 2K resolution of the screen, the CPU and the part of the additional screen could be right for autonomy Edge Note: get their hands on this device.


This time, we can clearly say about the two versions of the Note 4: the Edge is foreseen for Asian markets rather than European soil anytime soon. But if we could have a choice, then without hesitation it goes to the Edge: it has the best of Note 4 between 2K screen, Snapdragon 805 or stylus so appreciated, but this little trick more that will make him the innovation of the year: the screen is atypical, and Samsung has used this innovation in a practical way for the user. But there was no need to tell you: it is an opinion that is shared by all, right?


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