According to a test carried out by a developer of applications on Twitter, the facial recognition of the Galaxy Note 8 is no more reliable than that of the S8: it is indeed possible to deceive the technology of the luxury phablet with a simple photo displayed on the screen of another device. Is facial recognition a particularly disappointing technology?

Last March, the face recognition of the Galaxy S8, the new flagship of the Samsung brand in a video rather eloquent. Thanks to a simple photo, the man was indeed able to deceive the system of facial recognition of the smartphone.

Obviously, Samsung was eager to promise to his fans that this security flaw was going to be filled on the next model, namely the Note 8!

Galaxy Note 8: its facial recognition system duped by a simple Facebook profile photo!

Bad news for fans of the Galaxy Note 8! Contrary to previous promises, Samsung has apparently not been able to do much to improve its facial recognition system. Equipped with a photo of his face displayed on the screen of its smartphone, the man managed with a disconcerting ease to deceive the facial recognition of a demo version of the Galaxy Note 8.

As you can see in the video at end of an article, to unlock the new phablet of Samsung, you just need to bring a picture of profile Instagram or Facebook of the owner of the phone! Rather easy to hack the Note 8, right?

Note that Note 8 used for this wild test may not have a final version of its facial recognition system but a demo version. Still, this video has something to worry the buyers of the Galaxy Note. Another source of concern and questioning is facial recognition in general. Is this technology viable or is it Samsung that is going through it?

Facial recognition is a technology of the future for the middle of the smartphone. Let us bet that the other brands involved in its growth manage to offer more convincing performance.