The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are two of the best Android smartphones of the year 2016. But they can do much more than you think. This device contains a large number of hidden secrets and functions that need only to be unveiled. We, therefore, present in the article below all the tricks and tips to fully exploit your Galaxy S7.



Samsung certainly was not going to let Apple get away with its Live Photo, very little useful but had the gift of impressing fans of iOS when presenting the iPhone 6S. So, some have seen a similar option, to activate in the settings of the photo application, and that animates your pictures by showing the two seconds that preceded, and with a little blur. But for the record, this function is not new and is available since the Galaxy S4…

It is also possible to make animated panoramas with the Motion Panorama function. The image is animated in much the same way and the movements are recorded. And we had a lot of fun with the editorial staff.


Share a Wi-Fi connection

It is an option that Samsung has not (or really little) communicated, but that could be useful when a Wi-Fi network is difficult to hang. The galaxy S7 allows the sharing of Wi-Fi connection, provided a small adjustment is made in the section “mobile access point and modem” parameters. Useful.



Voice Capture

In the “little photo tip, you do not think” genre, there is also capture using the voice, which is also activated in the settings of the photo application. Then, it will be enough to say “cheese”, “capture”, “smile”, or “shooter”.


Flash for selfies   

If you’re self-conscious, and you’ve noticed that the front-end sensor of the S7 and S7 Edge does not have a flash for your night shots, know that Samsung still has a solution for you. In the dark, the screen of the mobile is adorned with a luminous filter and your selfies illuminate by magic.


The lateral flap

The flagship feature of the Edge version of this mobile is obviously the side flap. It was discovered for the first time with the Galaxy Note Edge, where it was more imposing and could actually display permanently.

On this S7 Edge, it is a discreet button that is operated by pulling the edge of the screen, which allows displaying favorite contacts, shortcuts to tasks or applications, or information weather. But it is also possible to work a bit on this sidebar and adapt it to your habits. You can choose to position it to the left or right, to make the button more or less transparent, or to make it very small or rather large.


Game Launcher

The Game Launcher, we repeat, is the great novelty of the S7. It is activated either at the first launch of a game or by fetching the option in the parameters. Once activated, the Game Launcher allows you to activate or not the Game Tools, a floating button that is displayed during the game and offers the possibility of making certain settings specific to the games.


For example, you can order screenshots, disable the multi-window and back keys, or launch video recordings of your games. For those who like the Twitch mind, it is possible to activate the front-facing camera to superimpose your face on the recording.


Always On Display

The Always On Display, you know, is used to display your notifications on your smartphone’s screen saver, which is supported by Samsung’s AMOLED tile. But it is also possible to customize a little the information displayed on this screen saver.

You can choose between different clocks or calendars, but also discrete background images. Ultimately, the manufacturer should offer far more customization options.


Display Numbers

The Samsung Galaxy S7 incorporates technology allowing it to identify malicious phone numbers or spam. Once activated in the call settings, it is used to identify callers and senders of unsaved messages on the call screen, in the log, and in the messages application.


Improved Always On Display

The Korean giant is aware of it, it seems, and will carry several of these functions on the Galaxy S7.  For the moment it is mainly the function Always On Display that is concerned with the update. As a reminder, this feature lets you take advantage of the AMOLED screen to display information on the screen saver without consuming too many batteries.

This update brings more customization options like the ability to choose any image as a background for the clock. On the other hand, it also seems to bring bugs like the absence of certain notifications, for example, the mail application of Samsung.


A taste before the arrival of Grace UX

This update should only serve as a mouthful before the full arrival of Android 7.0 Nougat on the Galaxy S7, scheduled in the coming months. This update should carry the Grace UX interface that was discovered on the Galaxy Note 7 and on the Galaxy S7.