Launched in 2004 in the United States, this online service was launched in other countries two years later. Google Maps is a free mapping tool and is accessible using a web browser. Among its main features include the research plans and routes.


  • Three types of views are available: a plan view, another satellite, and hybrid last.
  • The accuracy of satellite images has improved over time, coverage also.
  • A new view appeared in 2007. Street View lets you virtually move on the roads photographed by Google Cars.A user is able to discover the 360 degree views.
  • Other options improving the user experience, the pedestrian routes, cycle, a transport filter, viewing photos taken by users, geolocation.
  • By enabling WebGL mode browser, users can access new features such as the display of 3D buildings and the views 45 degrees.

If Google Maps is useful for users, it is equally important for mobile users. Thus, the tool is also available on most mobile platforms. In a highly competitive environment, Google Maps was ejected from iOS in 2012 in favor of a native application stamped Apple. He signed his return in this environment several months later by offering an app on the AppStore.


It is in less than a week that the Google I / O conference opens in San Francisco. The opportunity for the US giant to unveil some new features on its flagship products. An update of Google Maps should be on the agenda, and screenshots circulating already on the canvas.


In general, Google Maps has wanted to give room. Thus the map is displayed full screen, and the information appears superimposed. Top left the throne essential search engine, which precedes 3 types of data:

  1. Technical information on the plan or itinerary, the preview snapshots Street View.
  2. Social areathat can display both user reviews that places chosen by the contacts Google+ circles.



Display filters the map mode or Satellite spend top right corner to the one placed at the bottom left. At the same level, there is the zoom level and access to user photos. This information, even if they seem well enough to enroll in the Google strategy ahead of its products to social significance, however, are to be taken lightly. The event next week should confirm or deny these rumors reported by GoogleSystem.


The favorite addresses Google Maps system is particularly useful. Whether to quickly find the location of your contacts to arrange a route between two or more persons or to easily insert locations on a mobile terminal (not always conducive to typing long addresses).

Operation of favorite addresses:

Maps gives you the ability to record all postal addresses as you like, as well as points of interest (shops, cultural venues, public institutions …). The tool is ideal for mapping and list contacts whether personal or professional. The usefulness of such an option is also more to prove when using the GPS Maps. A contact that is in your Gmail address book is automatically saved and appears as such in Google Maps.


Looking and save the address of your choice from the Maps interface – more comfortable – from your computer then you will find it easily on your mobile through synchronizing your data (account Google / Gmail mandatory).

  • You can save a place as a favorite

To store an address, it will obviously grab in the field top left of the interface and use the recording feature which appears below.

  • Check your favorite places



To access the list of favorite locations, you should use the available option from the cogwheel at the bottom right of your web interface.

  • Managing your stored contacts

On the web version of Google Maps, the arrow to the right of each address will give you access to various options including the removal.

How about Maps to measure the area

There are free online services for performing area measurements. Here are the ones that seem most interesting. You are about to buy a field? You have constraints in terms of space to organize an event? For all these needs and more, discover the tools of measurement areas.


  • Quick calculation of area

First opportunity for these calculations online Planimeter that allows you to quickly obtain this measurement. Google Maps and mouse with which you click successively to define the area. That’s what you have available. The result is shown at the bottom of the card in hectares and square kilometers. The publisher specifies that the tool is based on a spherical geometry, which especially benefit the calculation of large areas.


At the options menu, you will find little (deleting the last point raised or initialization of the card). It still remains somewhat on our hunger and legitimately turn to a complementary solution.

  • Moving and Export Areas

The advantage with this other online solution. is that one can in addition move the area once drawn. Ideal if you search a field meet certain specific criteria area. It is an additional feature for those who want to keep track of this measure, the ability to export to KML file for import into Google Earth.

How to change the image of the home page of Google?


You thought the customization feature of removed from Google’s home screen? And you’re right … until this extension rears its bytes in the Chrome Web Store. There was a time when Google was used to change the image of the main page of its search engine. Then we could either insert a personal picture or a picture from a popular gallery. The feature was reminiscent presenting its competitor Bing, but has clearly not convinced in the highest spheres of Google. Because you regret this customization, know that there is an extension for it.

How to restore the wallpaper on Google (Chrome)

It is available for download from the Chrome Web Store, the official application store and Google extensions, this module quickly install and will not require you to restart your browser. Once installed, the extension will display a control panel to upload your images. This can be done via an import file from your disk, or from a URL for an image hosted on 500px. In the latter case, you will simply type the keyword in the dedicated search field.


The application of the image is immediate, and you can convince yourself by visiting the “Home Page” of Google. You will find also the return of the option “Change background image” in the bottom left of your page. Note that you can also choose to not display wallpaper without having to uninstall the add-on.

Still, the extension does not just offer you only the option but also allows you to:

  • Hide the “Google logo”.
  • Hide titled “Search”.
  • Hide the button “I’m Feeling Lucky”.
  • Set the size of your image.
  • Set location.