The first thing when choosing a mobile phone is good to think about whether it is suitable for you touch or traditional phone. If you get your choice of a touchscreen phone, explain the differences between different types of touch screens and try to advise you also agree whether to choose a phone with the operating system, otherwise also called “smartphone” or “smart phone.” In the event that opt for a smart phone, it also arises the question of what operating system you choose. The various types of operating systems and their differences will be described in the last paragraph. Sony Xperia Z3+ is in the field of handsets to choose from the extensive Xperia range.

Discover Xperia Z3 +


Enjoy the best of the popular Xperia range. Enjoy all the possibilities offered by today’s Internet age, fully and without restriction. With eight core processor, fast graphics accelerator and display detailed Triluminos you can afford just about anything. In addition to the sleek, thin and waterproof body or said display is the main pride of the device, the rear camera, which offers parameters of expensive compact cameras and will satisfy experienced photographers. Normal user for professional image will help Smart Auto, which analyzes the shooting scene and determines the optimum settings alone. Improved front camera is also designed specifically for group portraits.


Timeless design. Thinner than ever before.

It’s time to explore new meaning to the word “thin” with Xperia Z3+. It has a thickness of just 6.9mm, and is incredibly lightweight. In fact, if it were not so nice to look at it, you could almost forget that you are holding in your hand.

The Xperia Z3 + continues the Sony design, including thin aluminum frame with rounded corners, rugged panels of tempered glass and the characteristic power button. When the thickness of just 6.9 mm and weighing 144 grams is the Xperia Z3 + thinner and lighter than ever – and it fits comfortably in your hand. Choose from four refined colors according to your style and taste. On one side, stunning landscapes, from the second viral selfie – perfect camera for shooting at any time.

Performance as the future

The Sony Xperia Z3+ is equipped with ultra-powerful eight core processor. With such rapid “computing brains” you will have sufficient power, whatever you do. From simple web browsing, to playing the most demanding game pitting, all without any signs of slowing down or jam.

A breathtaking display Triluminos

Ultra-display Triluminos excels in a wide variety of natural colors, perfect sharpness in Full HD resolution, wide viewing angles thanks to IPS technology and unmatched brightness in daylight. With rich experience with Production Company, the experience with Xperia Z3+ is perfect viewing experience for watching videos and viewing photos.

Don’t Be Afraid In Rain Or The Pool


Good phone should be used to the fullest, without any fear for its safety.This Sony Xperia Z3 + is exactly this idea designed.Resistance class IP65 / IP68 lets you know that the device just does not jeopardize anything.The phone is resistant to fine dust particles and splashing fresh water from every conceivable direction.A nice feature is that with it you can safely stay until half an hour in 1.5 meters deep, great need in the summer spree in the pool.
Resistive display

It is developmentally older technology, which can be found in mobile phones rather lower category.As the name suggests, the screen responds to pressure and concentration of two areas, which are located inside the display.This type of control is accurate, then the advantage is particularly low production costs and the possibility of this type of display to control any stylus, fingernail or a plastic pencil.
Capacitive display


This type will gradually find in all Xperia phones. Layer capacitive screen responds to static finger. This method is very accurate, avoiding mistakes and evaluation of finger position on the screen is even faster than resistive technology. The disadvantage is the possibility of controlling the display only the fingertips and the need for a special capacitive stylus.

Amazing pictures


The camera enhanced Xperia Z3 + put engineers from Sony’s years of experience in the development of compact cameras.It was born as a combination of sensors with ultra-high-resolution, wide-angle optics and several intelligent technologies that together produce a truly stunning results.Auto shooting mode is able to analyze in detail the scene and use that information to set all the parameters of the photo shoot.Well you get perfect images even at night under dim lighting.Of course, the use of HDR function, which captures the scene several times to create a single image that retains the details in both shady and also bright spots.

Uncompromising two-day endurance


Sony engineers blindly worked upon the performance.The processor is despite the astounding speed also very economical and intelligently manage precious energy.There is therefore no problem to stay for two days on full alert.With technology STAMINA then the phone can do with a slightly limited power to withstand four times the normal time, which you will appreciate in situations where you are with your phone away from the mains for a longer period, for example several days hike in nature.If you find yourself without power after all, turn on Ultra STAMINA mode, with which the battery squeeze the last drop and still call or write SMS.

Play a game of PlayStation 4

Tired of sitting watching television when the weather is so beautiful?What if it was possible to play a game console PlayStation 4 phone must be in the garden?PS4 Remote Play feature on devices Xperia Z3 can do it!Join the PS4 console via your home Wi-Fi network and play your favorite games, with the DualShock 4, in any room or outside in the garden.