Here’s How To Use Android In Modem Mode

Here are different methods to connect to the internet on any device (PC, game console, tablet) thanks to your smartphone or phablet from which you can share your connection.

their screens:
It is quite possible to use your device directly as a modem, to replace an internet box, while on the move for example. Before that, however, make sure that you have unlimited internet access included in your package (otherwise you will soon find yourself with a salty addition). It is also necessary that you benefit from the option “connection sharing “in your package. Apart from these cases, you must make sure that you have subscribed to this option with your operator.

  • Connection via Wi-Fi

Creating a Wi-Fi hotspot is nowadays the best solution that does not use cable and works well:

    1. Go to Android settings
    2. “Wireless and networks” then “Connection sharing”
    3. “Wi-Fi”

You can then activate and configure your access point. The SSID of the network corresponds to the name of your Wifi network on which you will connect. You can rename it as you like and add a password for more security and to prevent anyone connecting to your phone (and use your DATA package free of charge).

Click “Save” to save these changes.

  • Connection via USB

This method is simple and functional but pay attention to the necessary cable:

  • Activate 3G / 4G on your device
  • Connect it via the USB cable (original, preferably) to the computer, console or other device to which you want to connect to the Internet
  • On your Android device, go to the settings. Select “Wireless & networks,” and then “Connection sharing.” Choose the option “via USB”.
  • The name of your phone appears in the list of connections available on your computer.
    • Connection via Bluetooth

This 3rd option is the one that offers the lowest quality of reception. Use it only as a last resort. As before, go to the settings and check this time “via Bluetooth”.

As a reminder, the best option remains the Wifi connection. With this trick, you can connect to the Internet wherever your phone picks up 3G / 4G.


  • Did you know? Connecting your tablet without 3G is possible!


There are many solutions to allow its tablet to access the 3G network. See our files:

Wi-Fi connection outside

  • Public hotspots

Some hotspots will allow you to access the internet for free (or in exchange for a consumption). You can find them in restaurants, hotels, campsites, shopping malls, etc. Others are charged, such as TGV and airports.

  • Shared Wi-Fi

It is accessible through private boxes via the Wifi signal sharing function (service called “Wifi public”). When you encounter a wireless signal from your service provider, your tablet (or smartphone) will display a web page asking for your login credentials. Then it’s free!


  • Viewing 3D Images On Your Tablet Is Possible!

At present, no tablet on the market does offer a self-stereoscopic screen (3D without glasses). Although Asus is working on a new tablet with a 3D screen, the Eee Pad MeMo 3D, no release date has yet been announced. Only the LG optimus 3D that is equipped with a camera with 2 lenses allows the shooting in 3D. But its screen does not allow to see in 3D, as on the Nintendo 3DS, for example.

However, there is an inexpensive solution, even if it does not offer the quality of a 3D poster on a polarized screen. This solution is called “anaglyph”. It is a rather old technology since it was already used to watch movies in black and white in relief. But it has the merit of being simple and cheap. You can buy red / blue glasses for less than one euro on the Internet.

You will also find applications capable of transforming two 2D images (one for each eye) into a 3D anaglyphic image. Here are some applications that may be useful:


  • Facebook Mobile: how to block notifications?


Whether on Android, iOS or Windows Phone, Facebook mobile can quickly invade you with a multitude of notifications. Here’s how to block them easily and quickly.


Block all notifications

To block all Facebook notifications, two options are available:

    • Block all notifications from the app via Android. To do this, go to the Android settings and click Application. Choose Facebook and uncheck “Show notifications”:

A warning appears, click OK:

  • Block all notifications directly from the mobile Facebook application. To do this, launch Facebook mobile and click on the “menu” button to the right of the notifications icon and scroll down to “Help and Settings”:
  • To disable notifications go to “application settings”> “Notifications” and disable those that bother you (or all via the top button):

By disabling all notifications via this menu, you may still receive invitations to games. Here’s how to block them.

Block game invitation notifications

When a contact with you plays a game, it has the possibility to send invitations to all his friends (sometimes it is even automatic without he realizes it). To stop receiving these notifications, here is the procedure:

  • In the Facebook settings (see above) click on “Account settings”> “Applications”> “Platform”:
  • All you have to do now is check:
  • You are now rid of Facebook notifications!


Block notifications from a specific person

Tired of receiving photos of Albert’s dog your distant cousin? You can tell Facebook that you no longer want to receive your notifications and you can even go further by no longer displaying that person on your news feed.

  • To do this, simply click on the arrow at the top right of the publication you want to block:
  • You can then choose several things like receiving / no longer receiving notifications from this contact or no longer following the person.